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Leonardo DiCaprio has been at the helm for many green movements. Although he is best known for his acting abilities he has made quite an impact by campaigning for changes in environmental policy and raising awareness about global warming and renewable energy. His work on the boards of the National Resources Defence Council and Global Green USA has led him to be selected as a jury member for the Zayed Future Energy Prize.

DiCaprio joins tennis champion Andre Agassi, Maldives president Mohammed Nasheed, South Africa’s energy minister Elizabeth Dipuo Peters, president of the UN Foundation and Better World Fund Timothy Wirth, and Cherie Blair, founder of the Cherie Blair Foundation.

The panel of jury members for the Zayed Future Energy Prize may seem like an eclectic group, but each was chosen for their work on projects related to environmental activism and clean energy. Dr Sultan Al Jaber, director general of the prize, said of the diverse group of judges, “We will greatly benefit by each of their specific areas of expertise and participation.”

The Zayed Future Energy Prize has almost doubled in size for this years green-energy competition with the top prize remaining the same at $1.5 million, but doubling the first and second runner-up prizes to $1 million and $500,000 respectively. Previously both first and second runner-up received $350,000. 

According to The National, Leonardo DiCaprio and his fellow judges will recognize organizations, business leaders, politicians and others who have made a clear impact for clean energy solutions through education, research and influencing government policy.

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the Late ruler of Abu Dhabi and the Founding Father of the United Arab Emirates, was one of the leaders in sustainable development in Abu Dhabi. The Zayed Future Energy Prize honors Sheikh Zayed’s legacy of environmental stewardship by recognizing the next great energy solutions and technologies that showcase innovation, leadership, and a long-term vision in renewable energy and sustainability.

DiCaprio will be an awesome addition to the panel of judges.

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