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From acting to singing to hosting the Academy Awards, Anne Hathaway needs her sweets, but not if concocted from animal products.

Hathaway, 28, is an avid vegetarian even when choosing a dessert. “I’m a vegetarian but I have a sweet tooth, so I go to this wonderful bakery in New York called BabyCakes. It makes amazing vegan cakes, which are gluten free and often sugar free, egg free and dairy free. The vegan apple pie is incredible – it’s my favorite dish,” she said.

Her sweet tooth doesn’t stop there, the actress also likes to create her own vegan delicacies at home from her favorite bakery.

“I’ve got a cookbook from there and I’ve made just about everything in it. I’m an awesome baker – I’ll give myself credit for that,” she added.

She gets her inspiration from TV chef Nigella Lawson. “I love Nigella she’s so passionate and loves cooking, which is very inspiring, but she’s very entertaining too – in a good way. Am I a domestic goddess? No, I’m a horror, but luckily, I have very hungry friends who will try out anything I concoct.”

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  • Patrick

    Delicious cookies and cakes can be made without butter, milk or eggs. I use almond milk, an egg-replacer which is usually a potato starch, and a vegan margerine in my baking, and in taste tests with friends and family, they cannot tell a difference. You do not need animal products to make delicious desserts. It’s healthier, better for the environment, and better for the animals.

    • Karina

      I go to Babycakes NYC too! Best place ever. I’m even ordering my birthday cake from there.

  • Trisha

    miss anne hathaway is the best she is everything!!! she is truly a hollywood gift to all of us =)