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PETA slammed Holly Robinson-Peete for including an animal, more specifically a Yorkshire terrier, in a recent auction to benefit the HollyRod Foundation. The dog that went up for auction quickly became famous after Ozzy Osbourne purchased the pooch for $10,000 to give to his wife Sharon Osbourne. Sharon had adored the puppy from the moment she laid eyes on him.

On yesterday’s episode of CBS’ The Talk, Holly Robinson-Peete surprised her co-host by bringing Charlie, the Yorkie that the Osbourne’s won at auction, onto the set. Soon after the episode aired PETA’s twitter account criticized celebs who buy animals at auction.

PETA’s twitter post read, “Whenever we see celebs w/ purebred pups, we write 2 make sure they r aware of homeless animal crisis. Adoption is always the way to go! ?”

The twitter post by PETA doesn’t name any specific celebrities, but with Ozzy’s five figure pooch being in the media it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who the animal rights group was talking about.

Sharon Osbourne quickly came to the defense of her friend and co-host with her own tweets. The first read, “I don’t agree with PETA’s criticism of @Hollyrpeete for auctioning a rescue dog at her HollyRod charity event.”

Shortly after Osbourne followed up with a second tweet, “Not only did @Hollyrpeete help place a rescue dog, she also raised money for Autism which is doubly-good.”

Sharon’s defense of the buying the animal at auction appears to be valid and reasonable. Rescue pups are not always mixed breed pups. When animal activists and rescuers step in to rescue animals from harsh and cruel conditions, it doesn’t matter whether the animals are purebred or not.

PETA‘s criticism of Holly Robinson, Sharon Osbourne and any other celebrity who adopts a purebred puppy or buys one at a charity auction seems to be unfounded, snide, and a little on the foolish side. After all, it is doubtful that PETA would want Charlie to go back to life at a shelter when he could have a wonderful home with the Osbourne’s and also helped out a foundation that supports families dealing with autism and Parkinson’s.

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  • Pam

    Charlie..an 8 week old yorkie living at a shelter? Give me a break. Yes a rescue is a rescue but let’s face it..there are way more hopeless dogs than Charlie and you know it.

  • akamat

    I love PETA however they need to take a look at how they treat women. Women in their ads specifically. They objectify them all the time and that sucks for women.