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Last week we reported on a kangaroo named Rocky who is being forced to box a human in a traveling circus show. PETA had contacted the Florida State Boxing Commission, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission but none of those organizations are going to step in to stop it. The boxing matches will continue.

The authorities claim to have found no animal abuse in violation with the law. (Seriously? Does boxing a kangaroo not count as abuse in this country?) And the Florida State Boxing Commission says that they only regulate human boxers.

Javier Martinez, the organizer behind the show, claims that Rocky is not trained to punch or fight but just to move his paws in a way that mimics boxing.

PETA’s position is that this show is illegal in Florida due to it being cruel to harass a Kangaroo into fighting. In the past, Rocky has attempted to flee the ring and has shown other signs of stress like charging at people and chewing on his own arm. PETA wants the show to stop now.

Sadly, Martinez’s kangaroo boxing circus is not new to this country. He has been touring his show since the 90’s.

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    The Law system and the U.S. government are nothing but capitalist status quo Nazi’s, they have no respect or acknowledgement for morals but only what’s legal and illegal, despite if it may be severe and unmoral consequences.

    Hopefully someone will murder Javier Martinez!

  • don_miguelo

    “In the past, Rocky has attempted to flee the ring and has shown other signs of stress like charging at people and chewing on his own arm.”

    Yeah that’s not abuse Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Cowards.

    I wonder what Sylvester Stallonne thinks about this, and the rights to the name “Rocky”.

  • Rat King

    I am outraged about this coward animal abuse! The human is a beast!

  • don_miguelo

    You know what? I just penned a letter to the contact people at Stallone’s website. Let’s see if they take any notice!
    Send one yourself and keep it cool, Mr. Stallone himself could help this kangaroo: he owns the rights to the name/franchise “Rocky”.

  • Tracy

    That is truly terrible. Is there not a way this can be stopped ?