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Model and longtime vegetarian Christie Brinkley is launching a new line of cruelty-free, vegan skin care products. She worked with a former L’Oreal executive and other beauty industry insiders to create Christie Brinkley Skin Care, which is set to launch this summer.

Crediting her skin care regimen for her youthful glow, Brinkley writes on her site, “This is not just another celebrity endorsed skin care line. I founded the company and have taken great time and care to bring together the beauty secrets that I personally believe have helped me maintain my youthful appearance throughout the decades.”

Brinkley’s products aim to help those of us not blessed with supermodel DNA stay smooth-skinned. Her line will offer a daytime regime to awaken skin and nighttime products to repair damage and fight wrinkles. 

She writes, “I enlisted a world class team, including former executives from some of the most successful beauty companies in the world. Together we have been able to bring my vision to life and develop anti-aging products that really work. I am happy to say that they are 100% Natural, Vegan and Cruelty free. I hope you choose to give them a try and see why I am very proud to have my name on these products.”

For those interested in trying out Christie’s skin care secrets, click on over to her website, where you can sign up for free samples.

Via China Daily.

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  • Susan Peterson

    Just checking to see if the promotion items were sent out yet, I am so excited about being one of the first to try them.

  • Vegan Diet Success

    Definitely signed up for the free items she offered. The more vegan products the better! I can’t imagine slathering my face in the chemical laden makeup many girls do. At least a vegan and vegetarian diet make us attractive enough not to need much, if at all!

  • Rhonda Prema

    I signed up the same day I saw this and haven’t received any samples as yet. Did anyone receive them?

  • Deborah Snyder

    L’oreal is one of the biggest testers on can go to peta website or google, does L’oreal test on animals. many of them will say they don’t because they actually send the product out for another company to do the testing. Or they will say no testing on finished product but actually means tested on animals before it was finished. Would have been interested in her product line until I read L’oreal