Teen Choice Awards Energy Offset
by ecorazzicontributor
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Photo: Global Inheritance

There’s a lot of talk about going green of late, especially among award shows…but would you be willing to pedal a bike to help off-set the energy usage of, say, the Teen Choice Awards?

That’s the plan put forth by Fox this year, as they partnered with Global Inheritance to help power this year’s Teen Choice Awards ceremony from renewable energy, rather than just sucking it off the grid. 

Here’s the plan: 40 Schwinn stationary bikes will be set up at Hollywood & Highland for amateurs and professionals to pedal. The bikes will use that people-pedal power to feed electricity back into the grid, thus off-setting the energy used by the show. Global Inheritance sets up these “Energy Playgrounds” at events all over the place, including the Indianapolis 500 and various outdoor concerts, to help everyone be a little greener.

There’s another incentive for the bikers, though, in addition to just doing their part to protect the environment: the pedaler that creates the most energy each day will win a brand-new Schwinn bike, and there will be other prizes for those who participate as well.

Of course, the energy from the pedalers alone won’t be enough to totally off-set the Teen Choice Awards show’s energy use. But any shortfalls will be covered with energy from local wind farms…so you can slack off a bit on the bike if you want. We won’t tell.

  • whitney

    I sincerely hope this isn’t a gimmick and is something that will stick around.