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On a beautiful beach evening in the Hamptons last weekend, Oceana held it second annual “Splash” event at the home of Margie and Michael Loeb.  The backyard was filled with hundreds of true ocean lovers who want to protect our fragile aquatic environment.

Actor & author Ted Danson began the evening’s festivities with a passionate speech about the state of our oceans. Later on, he signed his book Oceana to numerous supporters.

“One of the things we’re talking about tonight is seafood fraud. Because a lot of the fish you think you’re eating is not as billed. You could be ordering grouper or red snapper and it could actually be tilapia” said Danson to the press. “There is so much illegal fishing going on around the world that gets relabeled before it gets to your restaurant. 80% of the fish that we eat in this country, we import from other places. 2% is looked at (by the FDA), or inspected.”

Actor and Oceana Ambassador Adrian Grenier rocked with his band the Honey Brothers; later sharing with guests how he spent a memorable day on the beach and how we are in charge of the ocean’s future before it’s potential demise within ten years. “If we give the oceans a break they are very capable of turning around and becoming the healthy ocean ecosystem that we have been able to enjoy for so many years,” the “Entourage” star said. “All we have to do is just give them a break.”

Check out some pics from the event below.

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