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Pierce Brosnan seems to be getting into his latest role, animal and environmental advocate. He is calling for an end to Iceland’s whale hunt.

The actor has teamed up with the National Resources Defense Council and is leading their campaign to stop Icelandic whaling. In a recent post on OnEarth, Brosnan said “Last December, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and other groups filed a petition to stop Iceland’s rogue whaling. In response, the U.S. Commerce Secretary recently declared that Iceland is defying the international ban on commercial whaling. That declaration started the clock ticking on a 60-day period during which President Obama must decide whether or not to impose trade sanctions on Iceland.”

Brosnan wants the president to impose sanctions until Iceland stops defying the ban on commercial whaling, established by the International Whaling Commission in 1986. He also stated “President Obama should begin by targeting imports from those Icelandic seafood companies directly tied to the whaling industry.” He has asked that the public speak up in order to get the president to take action to stop Iceland’s hunt of endangered fin and minke whales, and provided a link to the NRDC’s letter to President Obama that you can fill out and send online.

Along with this current campaign, Brosnan also worked with the NRDC last year in opposition to a proposal at the IWC to re-legalize commercial whaling. He is also on the Board of Advisors for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.


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  • AnimuX


    Write to President Obama!

    Ask the U.S. President to enact sanctions against Icelandic marine products (under the 1971 Pelly Amendment to the Fisherman’s Protective Act and 1979 Packwood-Magnuson Amendment to the Fishery Conservation and Management Act) until the commercial slaughter of whales, especially endangered species, is stopped!

    • Michel Buxton

      Obama doesn’t care… He doesn’t do anything with out asking for the bankers or bp’s permission first!!!!

      And Obama supported to bring back of commercial whaling last year.

      The thing that will end Iceland’s whaling is DIRECT ACTION!!! Sea Shepherd needs to do is sink Iceland’s whaling fleet in port just like Sea Shepherd did back in the 1980’s!!!!

      Sea Shepherd also needs to sink the entire Norwegian, and Japanese whaling fleets to end their whaling activities!!!!


    I think it is great that Brosnan is taking a stand. The more celebrities who are high profile the better. What I have observed is that Obama loves the limelight. When ever there is heavy press in human interest areas he is quick to jump on the bandwagon. Getting more celebs and getting more support from public facing groups will do it’s magic, if that is what is needed to get Obama on board.

    I think there also needs to be more press and pressure on Obama to act on the sanctions as the time comes closer to the deadline.

  • ilovetoeatwhale

    Iceland is harvesting whales sustainably as envisaged by the international convention for the regulation of whaling.

    If Obama should be doing anything it should be imposing sanctions against those nations who have conspired to undermine the effectiveness of the whaling convention through their support of the moratorium. This ironically includes the US, which hunts a stock of whales that is less in abundance than those harvested sustainably by Iceland.

  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    How disappointing that another Hollywood celebrity has decided to jump on the anti-whaling bandwagon (cash cow?). I see he’s now working for the Sea Shepherd Corporation – what an imbecile.

    These bully boys should leave the Icelandics alone. Why pick on them?

    Why not go after a genuine conservation issue? Sure the money’s not as good and you might not get TV shows made about you, but the less-cute animals that are actually endangered need protection a lot more than the abundant minkes.

    • Liz

      he has been supporting Sea Shepherd for a LONG time :-P welcome to the real world ;-)

  • Liz

    10/10for fighting for the whales … promoting L’Oreal who is known for animal testing – 0/10 !!!