by Michael dEstries
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Hooray! We’re happy to announce that we’ve received a 2011 Veggie Awards nomination for “Favorite Website”! Last year, over 46,000 people registered their vote in the world’s largest survey of vegan people, places, and products. This year, the mag is hoping for over 55,000 to participate.

We’re proud to have been nominated with such other amazing veg-related sites like GirlieGirlArmy, CrazySexyLife, TheKindLife, PostPunkKitchen, GoneRaw, GoVeg, CompassionateCooks, ChristinaCooks, ChooseVeg, HappyCow, SuperVegan, and TryVeg.

Want to vote – jump on over to the survey here and give us (or any of the other nominees) a nod!

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  • herwin

    should anyone be proud to be nominated by a commercial pill pushing mag that has cheated its readers for years by adding non-matching food photo’s with its recipes, so many readers who tried the recipe were puzzled why their result didnt look like the VN pic ? And when “veg meat” was used in the recipe, the photo actually depicted real meat ? And when it came to light, how they tried to bully the whistleblower and actually first blaming all the ordinary vegan readers by stating that this is the normal way to run ?
    Sorry, but the real vegan promoters in my opinion, are all these great vegan blogs out there with real vegan recipes and real vegan photos.
    Even Vegetarian Times is so much more cool and real. Real good recipes made by actual PROFESIONAL veg cooks with matching photo’s, and the VT is very vegan friendly.
    VN gives away tons of “awards”, ok, it was nice while it lasted, but they lost credibility, and didnt earn it back yet, so what are these awards worth now ? Everybody bending over and begging for an award from a mag that cheated its readers for years, pathetic.

  • Bill

    Okaay, on the same note as what herwin has mentioned, I ran across this article posted today on the Beauty Brains facebook page: