We’ve talked about Ellen and Portia DeGeneres‘ vegan lifestyle and causes often here at Ecorazzi, from inspiring viewers to go vegan to supporting farm animal rescue organizations like The Gentle Barn. Now, Ellen has started a new website – Going Vegan With Ellen.

According to, Ellen is sharing “insight into her cruelty-free diet” with recipes, tips, and links to other resources and information for new vegans. She also lists some other celebrities who have joined the vegan party including Olivia Wilde, Alanis Morissette, Alec Baldwin, Alicia Silverstone Joaquin Phoenix and more!

Ellen’s site also lists answers to the frequently asked question – Why go vegan? She says do it for the animals, the planet, and your health! According to the site, factory farming is top cause of climate change in the world, contributing more than all transportation combined. She also points out that almost all meat, milk, and eggs now come from factory farmed animals and that over-fishing has led to near extinction for many species including those that die as by-catch.

As far as your health goes, Ellen says “Scientific studies supported by the American Dietetic Association have confirmed that vegan and vegetarian diets are associated with lower cholesterol, lower risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, lower risk of hypertension and Type 2 diabetes, lower body fat, and lower overall cancer rates. In fact, studies have shown that a vegan diet can actually reverse diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.”

If you’re considering the switch to veganism, Ellen’s suggests some books and movies with tons of information, as well as some yummy vegan recipes from Kathy Freston, Chef Tal Ronnen and more! Pumpkin cheesecake, anyone?

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  • Bianca

    Hmmmm….perhaps she could stop promoting a disgusting company called Cover Girl before she starts trying to promote a vegan lifestyle. This makes no sense to me. I like Ellen but this is incredibly hypocritical.

    • Vegan Mom

      I’m hoping she will be pressured to stop her business with Cover Girl. I can’t figure it out either.

  • Elise

    I know, Bianca. She needs to mention that and explain herself. I was thinking that maybe she’s under contract for certain amount of time and legally can’t say anything about it. But every vegan wonders whats up with that. I hope one day she fesses up and talks about it.

  • Stacey Morrison

    I agree Bianca, P&G is not a company that Ellen should be endorsing and I hope it was just a mere oversight on her part, before she signed on with them! Once she is locked in to a contract, there probably isn’t much she can do about it. But I will say, I think the vegan website is still a wonderful idea! To have someone of Ellen’s popularity, enlightening others about the horrors of factory farming and helping to encourage others to embrace either a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle is ALWAYS wonderful!!! Even if she just reaches a few people it will be worth it! So, I give Ellen major kudos for doing something like this. Hopefully she will cut ties with Cover Girl some day soon!!! Speaking as someone who has been vegetarian for many many years and just recently switched to vegan, I’m thrilled with this website. Hopefully I can gain a lot of new information myself!!! :)

  • Christine Cook

    Ellen IS doing a lot for veganism, but I do wish she would end her contract with Cover Girl. Animal testing is heinous. Check out NAVS for more info on animal testing:

  • Kyle Noble Quandel

    Agreed – a bit of a double standard. I’m thinking her contract started prior to her “enlightenment” & hopefully she’s reconsider her endorsement of P&G when it comes due.

  • herwin

    Congratulations with the new website. Seems like a valuable website, especially for new vegheads.
    I hope she points out that vegan is, well, vegan all the way vegan, no cheese once in a while, not even while drunk. If it’s too dificult to go vegan in one step, “flexitarian” might be a satisfactory temp solution for some people.
    Cover Girl and P&G, we don’t know, maybe she is tied into a contract, and anyhow, what are the criteria to boycot a company ? I mean, too many companies are blatant animal abusers. Maybe we ordinary vegans should start boycoting regular supermarkets because these places are filled with dead animals, in case anyone didn’t notice.
    But yeah, i agree, hope she finds a way to legally dump these companies and expose them for what they are.

  • June Pagan

    the problem that I have with many vegans is that they are too miltant about their cause. Yes, I respect the spiritual side but I don’t want to be treated like a criminal, if I occasionally revert back to animal based food, occasionally.It is a personal choice. One step at a time.

    Any attempt to steer the community towards healthier eating that is healthier for the planet, should be applauded, not attacked.
    As a health oriented private chef, I try to gradually move my clients away from dairy and meat, by creating dishes that are satisfying but light in these ingredients. I don’t try to shove the vegan lifestyle down their throats.I gently persuade them at the table.

    • Deborah Snyder

      June, do you think if babies were tortured, mutilated, skinned alive, slaughtered, and all the other atrocites people would be militant about that????

    • Deborah Snyder

      And kudos to you for trying to gently persuade them. People have different ways of doing things in ALL aspects of life, not just Vegan.

  • artemesia

    I too wish she would stop her partnersnip, endorsement of Covergirl, and possibly other P&G products. I know personally how animal unfriendly the firm is since I knew a woman who was an executive there. This was in 80s.
    Getting back to Ellen I am hoping as soon as her contract with Proctor and Gamble is over she leaves them. I know, like the vast majority of PETA supporters know, they publish a cruelty free products guide. Maybe she can find a company she can endorse there. I just wish the PETA listing would list by business type and not only alphbetically by trade name.

  • Deborah Snyder

    Well, this is awesome.. I have to say that Ellen has NEVER looked better and I will say that in the near future, she will no longer endorse Covergirl. She is probably under contract and cannot break it, but I’m sure she wants too.

  • Deborah Snyder

    And cudos to you for gently trying to persuade them. Some people in all aspects of life, not just vegan, do things differently.