"Late Show with David Letterman" - May 23, 2011
by Shawna
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While we all know MTV has become less about the music and more about the reality TV, the VMA’s roll on, and this year they have a new category – “Best Video With a Message.”

In conjunction with MTV Act (MTV’s blog where “fist-pumping and lending a helping hand collide”), the VMA’s created the category to celebrate bringing music and social activism together.  The nominees are artists who focused their energy into writing songs that make us think about the world around us.  The songs include sensitive topics from LGBT rights and domestic violence to just being original and different.

So who are the nominees?

From pop queens to hip hop artists, the diverse list includes:

Who do you think is going to take home the VMA for Best Video With a Message?  Any songs you wished were on the list?

  • Karina

    Katy Perry and P!nk should win. I would also vote for P!nk’s Raise Your Glass video.

  • Jenny

    Are you kidding me. You know how many songs there are about being yourself?

    I could name a few..

    – Born This Way
    – Firework
    – Nobody’s Perfect
    – Superstar

    LTWYL is a rare song man. Sure there’s a shit load of love songs, but rarely anything about abusive relationships. And on the rare occasion that there is a song about abusive relationships, the song usually shifts the blame onto one person. Love the Way You Lie holds both people in the relationship responsible. It shows that abusive relationships are much more complicated than just deciding that you are going to break-up.

    But, of course, Lady Gaga will most likely win.