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Yes, you read that right. Not an Emmy. Not an MTV Movie Award. Not another Teen Choice Award. Ian Somerhalder wants a Nobel Prize — but not for himself.

You see, last spring the actor traveled to Zimbabwe to film a documentary about a research biologist named Allan Savory, who has come up with an innovative way to fight climate change.

Savory pioneered an agricultural process known as Holistic Management, which is used on more than 30 million acres around the globe. The method focuses on farming in the healthiest, most sustainable way possible, a theory that Somerhalder thinks is worthy of a Nobel.

“He’s figured out a way to reverse climate change, literally through agriculture. So I’m directing this documentary about him with Geoff Shotz, our camera director on Vampire Diaries…The goal of the movie is to win Allan Savory a Nobel Prize for agriculture, which has never been done,” Somerhalder said.

“You look at things like An Inconvenient Truth, which Al Gore did, it never once mentions [how] agriculture contributes more to climate change than anything else in the world. It makes me crazy to think about, so we’re going to change that.” 

So does Somerhalder ever consider following in Alec Baldwin’s footsteps by leaving acting for politics? He says no. “I’m never running for office. I just love this part of it. I love being able to speak to members of Congress or members of the Senate and floating on either side, because it takes all of us. It’s going to take both of them.”

That doesn’t mean he’s not politically active, though. In addition to speaking before Congress earlier this month, Somerhalder also plans to interview former president Jimmy Carter for the Savory documentary.

For more on Somerhalder’s trip to Africa, including his experiences with an orphaned elephant and baby baboons, head over to his ISF blog.

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  • http://www.2113web.com NYC Web Design

    Does anyone know when this documentary will be available?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Princess-Lizzie/1238359508 Princess Lizzie

      I think it will be out on August 21 On the Discovery Channel

  • Cass

    I´d never thought that! Well, deforestation to gain acres of farmland is the most obvius, but agriculture is a global activity so it´s clear its impact would be greater. Good luck! I´ll support you & Allan Savory

  • Nadine Stievano

    As an International Relations student, I cannot be happier to see someone influent help the world like Ian does! It’s awesome to see that some people just care about the bad things that are going on and take part on it…thanks Ian, you’re giving me hope! We’re all together.

  • Anna

    Uhhhh Ian is smart and HOT! I found it very interesting, i’m gonna read more aubout it all… X

  • Cassandra Billy

    Best of luck with your documentary hope things work out for Mr. Savory.

  • Renee

    How refreshing to hear the people aren’t just sitting back as Washington continues to make apologies. Such a CRUCIAL initiative will take many. It is not only possible, it is necessary!

  • http://www.earthlings.com Vegan Environmentalist

    Why does he blame agriculture itself as the main cause of global warming? The fact is that 60% of the grains we grow are not even for human consumption, instead they are mass produced to feed the billions of livestock animals that we slaughter to eat each year. I thought Ian cared about animals, why isn’t he vegan? Vegetarian at least? Let’s identify problems at their primary source and fix that instead of toning down the secondary effects.

  • Katie

    It’s amazing! Ian you’ re the best! And you deserve it!! Love you

  • 2012_olga

    The matter’s really worth applying your efforts. Don’t stop awakening the society. Thanks for your practical steps towards our common dream and for giving a good idea a chance to sound. Hopefully, the tandem of the two brilliant sons of our long-suffering planet will land right on the Nobel Prize tribune and make people hear and follow the direction of survival but not destruction. Mr Savory owns you more than a million supporters. Thank you, Ian.

  • Hannah kemp

    Hiya Ian. I think that it is very noble that you are supporting this man. Im not hugely educated on political things and I confess that I should do more to help the environment. But I think that the fact that u believe in this guy so much to go out of ur way to get the noble prize for him is very amirable. Keep doin what ur doin. Inspire more people like u have with me. Hannah Kemp

  • catherine DUBOIS

    Agriculture is an essential element, it must be tailored to the needs of men. In industrialized countries have pushed the industry to produce more, has cost less and less, it creates a breeding industry, we worked against nature, causing imbalances! today we must create an agriculture that respects nature and meets the needs of men, it takes a consert internationnal. all over the world are they talking about? Yes! but act? …….

  • Aimee

    I think that is really great what you are doing for him and to think if you do win it will change the way farmers everywhere farm and take care of their crops.

  • Kylie

    That’s really awesome Ian! And I guess you really love our planet!!

  • Nicole

    When it comes to The Vampire Diaries I am not be team Damon, but Ian is a great person and he knows what he is doing. He also a person who really cares about what happens to the world, and I do not know anybody else who cares as much as he does. Keep going Ian with all your great work. I can not wait to see the documentary that Ian made!!!!

  • dudi

    i don’t know about anyone but i just think he would reaaly deserve it.

  • http://www.wholenewconcepts.com cad

    It is nice to see Allan be recognized for his insights. A Nobel Peace Prize would be awesome. The root cause of the problems we face in the environment are based on the way we make decisions. Managing holistically means taking in the big picture and working with complexity. It is biodiversity loss and the resulting bare soils that drive climate change. Loss of biodiversity is due in a large part to land management and agricultural practices that focus on parts not the whole. The key to turning global climate change around is in learning how to manage for biodiversity. I encourage you to read Allan’s book Holistic Management: A New Framework for Decision Making. The Holistic Management decision making process can be applied to any situation, not just agriculture.

  • http://www.myMCmedia.org Susan

    I think Ian is doing a great job! He is bringing awareness to a topic that is STILL not taken as serious as it should.

    I too am very passionate about bringing awareness. You can watch me on “Think Green” at http://www.myMCmedia.org I also cover a lot of topics that I think we should ALL be aware of.