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Iconix Brand Group, Inc. unveiled a new marketing campaign for its Danskin® brand that combines celebrities, charities and an initiative for promoting a healthy lifestyle among women. Jenny McCarthy, Hilary Duff, Christy Brinkley, and Padma Lakshmi have become the face of Danskin for the Fall 2011 campaign “Move for Change”.

Each woman is featured throughout the campaign marketing materials doing the fitness exercise that they love. Jenny McCarthy shows off some yoga moves, Hilary Duff is shown hiking, Lakshmi is engages in boxing and Brinkley, the beautiful supermodel, shows off some dance moves. Danskin wants to represent a range of women and what they do to stay in shape.

Along with the “Move for Change” marketing campaign launch Danskin will also be launching a website specifically for women called Danskinmove.com. It will focus on inspiration, health, wellness and motivation.

Hilary Duff said of the campaign, “This Danskin campaign is for women of all ages – 20’s, 30s, 40’s and 50’s and what they like to do to stay in shape–physically and mentally in mind, body, and soul.”

Jenny McCarthy was even more excited about the charity aspect, “I am so excited that Danskin decided to have a charity component to this campaign. Generation Rescue is my autism organization, which helps families who are low-income. It’s a really great way for me to share awareness about autism and how it’s become, unfortunately, so popular in the last decade.”

Danskin will showcase each woman through out the campaign with inspirational quotes from them while they do the creative fitness they love. In addition, the brand will be donating to each of the celebrities charity choices.

“Danskin is generously donating to each individual’s charities and I think that is so motivational to show people that you not only have to stay fit, but you also have to give back and all of those things make you feel great,” says Christy Brinkley.

The charities supported are  Blessings in a Backpack, a non-profit organization that feeds poverty-stricken elementary school children, Generation Rescue, a non-profit focused on children with autism, The Endometriosis Foundation of America and The Ellen P. Hermanson Foundation.

Padma Lakshmi said of “Move for Change”, “Danskin is a brand that we’ve all grown up with. It’s the epitome of a strong and graceful femininity. I’m honored that they chose to support the EFA.”

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    I just saw Padma’s ad in the September issue of Women’s Health… the scar that she has on her right bicep has either been Photoshopped out or was kept out of view by strategic posing. I thought this campaign was supposed to be about inspiration and strength- even Padma used the words “graceful femininity”. That scar is a part of her inspirational life story and her strong (and gorgeous) body… I could be wrong, but it seems like someone went out of their way to hide it.