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Matt Damon running for president may seem absurd at first glance, but in reality it isn’t so far fetched. After all, Damon wouldn’t be the first actor turned president or the first actor to hold a government office. Think Reagan, Schwarzenegger and Al Franken.

There has been no word from the actor on whether he will put in a bid for the 2012 elections, but the urge for him to run has come very strongly from the outspoken Michael Moore.

Moore raised the idea in a discussion with the liberal politics blog Firedoglake stating that Matt Damon’s political stances were “courageous”. He also claimed it was Republican’s who gave him the idea, “if you want to win, the Republicans have certainly shown the way — that when you run someone who is popular, you win.  Sometimes even when you run an actor, you win.”

Damon has been very outspoken and unequivocal in his political stances. He has not been afraid to vocalize his displeasure with President Obama saying he, “mishandled his mandate.” Nor has he been afraid to criticize the Iraqi war, the education system and policies, the EPA nor is he afraid to stand up for the working man. Matt Damon has been a member of the Working Families Party, a leftwing political group that according to the Guardian, “exists as a sort of pressure group in New York state on Democrats and leftists in order to pursue progressive ideals.”

Matt Damon for President is actually a decent idea. The actor has charm, good looks, a huge fan base, is well educated, and isn’t afraid to stand up for the causes he believes in. He supports numerous charity organizations including, H2O Africa Foundation, and ONE Campaign. And he isn’t afraid to make waves in the political arena when it comes to war, education, or the environment.

Although, the idea was sparked by Michael Moore, Matt Damon for President sounds like an awesome idea. Hopefully fans of the actor will hear from him on whether he will run for President in 2012 soon.

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  • Elizabeth Sholes

    Michael! I’m the woman who wrote you about the failed Sit Down Strike museum in Flint. You were once the champion of working people, of those in need, of communities of color – this is beneath you. WE have a president who is being hammered, just like the men and women sitting at the lunch counters in the 60s, and instead of helping him by keeping YOUR eyes on the prize, by standing with him holding on, you do THIS?

    Have we not seen that movie actors are BAD presidents and governors? (Al Franken does not fit the mold – he worked public policy on the airwaves._ But DAMON? Why not Angeline Jolie? At least she has “international” experience. And a woman! What the HELL are you thinking????

    What IS your problem? Primaries against incumbent presidents assure their defeat. You WANT president Bachmann – is that how you thank your union friends? Is that how you take care of those in need? Is that how you abolish the health plan that is already shaping up to replace private insurance just as we expected? Are you NUTS?

    Maybe Hollywood has gone to your head and Magical Thinking has replaced clear understanding of democracy in all its creakiness. When you lose focus because a president is imperfect but DOES MOST OF WHAT YOU WANT you have gone over to the insane world of the Right.

    He is the clear legatee of those brave young men and women at the lunch counters who did NOT achieve everything overnight. He takes abuse, racist spittle, lies from the Right (and from the Left including your Fifth Columnist buddies on FDL who hang with Norquist and corporate types) and keeps on keepin’ on. Yeah – he has this insane idea that he is president to everyone even those who abuse him. God ain’t THAT awful!

    You were my hero. We talked often about selling out and how that hurts the working people past and present. And now – YOU are selling out with this fatuous and gratuitous idea about another totally unprepared, baseless actor running against Obama. Go back to movies please. You’re thinking like the Right, and you need to get your groove back. Shame on you.

    • herwin

      “YOU are selling out with this fatuous and gratuitous idea about another totally unprepared, baseless actor running against Obama”

      AMEN to that . Thanks for sharing.

      “The actor has charm, good looks, a huge fan base, is well educated, and isn’t afraid to stand up for the causes he believes in. He supports numerous charity organizations including, H2O Africa Foundation, and ONE Campaign.”

      Dear “lindastcyr”, we really should support a person to run for president because he has “charm”, has “a huge fan base” and “supports charity” ?
      Maybe for a VegNews “Award” that would be enough but for running to be the president of the mightiest country on this planet…?
      Come on…

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  • Deanna

    I’m one of those disenchanted progressive voters who spent time and money working to get Obama elected. In my defense, after such a long and dark period under Bush II, my expectations were high and perhaps I was too idealistic about what Obama would do in office. His speeches were stirring and moving; they made me believe he could help this country and the world to a better future.

    Obama the great messenger hasn’t been my voice in office. He has missed the boat entirely on issues like climate change, job creation, he’s equivocated on the Afghanistan war, flopped pathetically in the realm of foreign policy, engaged in illegal war operations in Libya, caved to Republican pressure in the debt debacle, and has generally proved to be an insider with an eye toward protecting his status and his own future. I do not trust him any longer. I thought I was voting for a progressive that wouldn’t play politics as usual–someone who would reverse the shameful policies of the Bush administration. Turns out he isn’t what I thought he would be. Essentially, I’m disappointed in what he’s done, but most especially what he’s not done during his term of office.

    I don’t pretend to understand all the nuances of politics, but I do know that as a liberal I am disappointed and heartsick. I’d never vote for a conservative, but I’m troubled by the dearth of options…imagining choosing the lesser evil between the Democratic and Republican candidates next year makes my stomach churn. I don’t believe the two-party system works in this country any more.

    Matt Damon, while not a professional politician, would quite possibly do more good while in office than most would. He seems sincere, honest, motivated by principle, and intelligent about policy when he makes his opinion known. If the election were held today, he’s a more likeable candidate than our current president. Next year, I plan on shopping around and giving my vote to a presidential candidate with a backbone that doesn’t bend every time the political wind blows the other way. I simply don’t have have any hope (especially not the audacious kind) that Obama will provide a better future for this country. Not any more.

    • BanTheFurTrade

      And you think a Republican president is going to be an improvement over Obama? Really?? Think about it. Look at all the clowns officially in the running right now. If any one of those idiots wins it will be a disaster for this country! Particularly for the liberals and progressives. Of course Obama isn’t perfect (who is?) but he’s accomplished a heck of a lot so far, especially with the Repugs fighting him every step of the way. He needs our support now more than ever.

      • Deanna

        I didn’t say I’d vote Republican. Obama failed my expectations, but perhaps he didn’t fail those of his party. Better to vote for a progressive backed by a party other than the Democrats than to cast my vote again for a president who has left me disillusioned about my country’s future. I’ll look for third-party options next year. Again, I won’t vote for what I consider to be the lesser of two evils–even if it means one of those choices is voted out of office.

    • herwin

      I remember when Obama said he would take a dog from the shelter but in reality he did get a dog from a breeder, a small thing maybe for most people, but for me that really showed he is a politician at heart with lots of tricks in his sleeve and will say anything while doing something else and basically cannot be trusted on his word.

      Thanks to you and other devoted people Obama did make it into office, i would say, don’t get demotivated, just think about the real power is with you and go support another candidate.

      And i agree, a two party system doesn’t work, it always be the same people in power, no space for newcomers.
      In Holland my home country, we have so many parties, big and small, and even small parties voices are not lost but heard. We even have a “Party For The Animals” which have two seats in parlement and although small, now suddenly animal welfare issues are back in politics and no longer ignored.

      Back to Obama and Matt and the next president, the only guy or girl i would vote for with all my passion would be a veghead.:-)