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Fans of the movie Princess Bride who are familiar with R.O.U.S. better known as Rodents of Unusual Size should be very interested in the latest animal found roaming around California.

The rather large rodent has been seen stalking the sewers near LA and it can be compared to the Princess Bride’s R.O.U.S. because of its awesome size. The animal has been identified as the world’s largest rodent, the capybara.

California Department of Fish and Game’s Todd Tognazzini told the Daily Mail, “If you think a giant guinea pig is cute, then you would probably like it.”
The capybara is a giant South American rodent that feeds on vegetation.

California’s newest sewer stalker has been spotted at a waste-water treatment facility where it was caught on camera before disappearing in the brush. The Daily Mail reports that the capybara weighs at least 100 pounds.

Tognazzini believes that the rodent is an escaped pet, whether the pet is legal or not is up for question. People who want to own a cabybara in Ca. must have special permit, but that doesn’t stop some from owning the animal illegally.

According to the Daily Mail’s report, the capybara was spotted in Paso Robles, 175miles north-west of Los Angeles. This is the second sighting of a capybara in California. The previous sighting was two years ago at a ranch a mile away from Paso Robles.

California’s rodent of unusual size is making quite a big name for himself in social media just like the escaped Bronx Zoo cobra did on the east coast. @CACabybara‘s first twitter post read, “I come from Peru and get famous!”

California’s Department of Fish and Game told the LA Times, “We hope that it lives a happy capybara life in Paso Robles,” and stated that they do not view the animal as dangerous and may take an agressive stance to protect the rodent if people are seen trying to hunt or trap it.

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  • Asha

    I hope that they do take care of him and make sure no one tries to harm it in any way. Some ignorant person always tries to

  • georgina

    Capybaras are super cute and i hope this one thrives in the wild since it appears to have been someone’s pet.