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We all know that Michael Vick has expressed interest in owning a dog again – but every time I hear him moaning about it, I just can’t feel the slightest shred of sympathy for a guy who personally hanged or drowned seven of them. I do believe in second chances, but think it’s too soon for Vick to have earned ownership privileges again.

Here’s a rich quote from the current issue of GQ magazine profiling the Philadelphia Eagles’ QB:

“I miss dogs, man,” he tells GQ. “I always had a family pet, always had a dog growing up. It was almost equivalent to the prison sentence, having something taken away from me for three years. I want a dog just for the sake of my kids, but also me. I miss my companions.”

Uh huh. Full interview here. Vick’s probation is slated to end in 2012, at which time it’s expected he will be able to legally own a dog.

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  • Jay

    People really need to let it go, move on. If you want to complain look at whats happening in Haiti, Africa, the Middle East. Those are real important issues and I believe he has learned is lesson. Next blog please…

    • baxandbeans

      everyone is replying to an article about michael vick, not an article about haiti.

  • LittleMe

    If his victim(s) had been children (bearing in mind the close link between animal cruelty and violence towards people) he wouldn’t be forgiven so easily. This wasn’t a one-off incident and Vicks was responsible for the torture and death of more than one dog. If he truly is remorseful then he should at least have the decency to stay away from the public eye instead of churning out this sort of bullsh*t to the media.

  • georgina

    I do not care that Vick misses having dogs, and i am pretty sure his former dogs do not miss him either so, who cares about Vick. That he was a victim of the circumstances…are we supposed to feel sorry for him and pat him in the back because he succumbed to outside pressure? Hell no.

    @Jay – if you want to read about Haiti, Africa, and the Middle East then go to CNN.

  • Jay

    How come no one complains about cock fight or snake fight?

    • Kate

      Because apparently dogs are different from other animals. Dog abuse is appalling but other forms of animal abuse are not worth our attention.

      • herwin

        huh ? are you making that up ? this topic is about a convicted animal abuser and dogfights. There are enough other topics here on the Razzi involving other animals, and not only mammals but even cruelty to fish (shark finning).
        So in short, don’t start making things up, other forms of animal abuse ARE discussed here and everywhere else. Even farm animal cruelty is discussed in mainstream media, thanks to undercover videos coming from groups like PETA and Mercy For Animals.

  • herwin

    when i read these sentimal quotes from one of the worst convicted animal abusers of our times, how he misses his “companions” and how he always had “family pets”….wew…this guy def has a few screws loose and i really hope somebody (his friends, his family, the HSUS) will stand up and say NO VICK, NO DOG FOR YOU.

  • jillann

    I wonder what’s going to happen when Casey Anthony get pregnant again? That was a human baby she murdered but I’ll bet you she gets a second chance.

  • Asha

    I’m sorry I’m all for giving people second chances but I’m very careful with that if living beings are involved. I do not like Michael Vick and since I live in a majority African American neighborhood every day I have to defend my reasoning for why I do not like this man. I am alienated in my community for how I feel about him and I have no regrets in where I stand. This man does not deserve a dog ever! He had his chance and messed it up so I feel nothing for him at all.

  • Asha

    @ jillann Casey anthony does not deserve a second chance WHAT SO EVER! The only reason why she will get one is because she is a woman who is able to concieve…that is it. If it was up to me that woman would be in jail forever staring at nothing but four walls.

  • Kate

    Ugh. People are so hypocritical. Everyone should read Gary Francione’s piece, “We’re All Michael Vick”.

    • herwin

      OMG, the armchair “words speak louder than words” PETA bashers have found the Razzi website… >_<
      Goddam, first the pro whaling trolls and now these people !

      • herwin

        that should be “words speak louder than action” because its all words and no action with the abo people.
        anyway, NO we are NOT Michael Vick, and we don’t need some fuzzy pseudo intelectual armchair article from a PETA hater. We just need a consensus and discussion about that convicted animal abusers should not have the right anymore to have pets for life. Don’t gamble with animals lifes.

      • Kate

        So animal abuse only applies to dogs and cats?

      • herwin

        apparently i nor this article states or even suggests that ONLY dog and cats can suffer animal abuse.
        You remind me of these people who say “why you care for animals and not care for people ?!” (and usually these people don’t do neither themselves, nor donate to animal charities nor human charities. :-P)

    • Jen

      I just read the Francione article and I totally agree with it. However, for those who don’t eat meat or dairy, does that make it ok for them to comment about Vick’s animal abuse? I also don’t think he should be making millions since he’s a convicted felon. If you’ve gone to jail you shouldn’t be able to play a national sport. But whatever it doesn’t matter, all anyone cares about is money :( Money given to the meat and dairy industry, the corrupt government, idiot athletes, and reality show stars. Ugh.

  • paula

    As with every other article that has come out about Michael Vick’s interview in GQ some of the commenters go off target again. The article is about Mr Vick’s comments in an article that he CHOSE to give an interview for. No one is ignoring other animals, abused children or any of these other as important stories. But this has again come to the forefront because Mr. Vick can’t stay out of the limelight and just do his job on the field. People are tire of the story and tired of him. There would be no forum here if he would stop his uncontrollable need to justify his behavior, his want for a dog, etc. When he stops answering these questions everyone can get on to more important topics. If he indeed had a pet growing up what possessed him to abuse the very animal he says he loves.

  • Kendra Webb

    Nike…Just Vom It.

  • Kendra Webb

    Oh and BTW, REAL men are kind to animals. Michael Vick should definitely be allowed to own as many dogs as he wants. AFTER he is water-boarded, electrocuted, hanged, and torn apart by pit bulls, that is.

  • Fi

    Seriously. This is someone whose only claim to fame is that he can play a game. He doesn’t contribute anything, he’s a horrible role model, and yet makes more money playing his silly, little game than people who do contribute (like teachers, counsellors). Who cares what he thinks or wants? He abuses animals and should never be allowed to be in contact with them, let alone be the caretaker for one. What a waste of space.

  • Teek

    I hate what Micheal Vick and his pals did to those dogs too. That said, he has paid his debt to society in the form of imprisonment, community service, public speaking to bring awareness to animal cruelty…

    At this point, I don’t know what else the guy can do. Unfortunately, he can’t bring the dogs back or turn back the hands-of-time. I find it suspect as to how some people qualify for second chances while others are treated like scum forever.

    So much compassion for animals, but none for mankind (hypocrites).

  • Candise

    Candise, September 15, 2011 at 7:14 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I am a big fan of 2nd chances BUT in Vicks case as with many others involved in any form of ANIMAL ABUSE just for our own perverse sense of
    entertainment & of course FINANCIAL GAIN, POWER & EGOS there can not be
    any forgiveness. He KNEW EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS DOING & that it was wrong and went right ahead & did it. How can ANYONE watch any of these horrid events and say “I DIDN’T KNOW THIS WAS WRONG!!! He can blame it on “CULTURE”, “TRADITIONS” etc but to me these as just EXCUSES to make it
    look right!!

    As far as the article I find a great big difference in killing animals for food and killing or torturing animals because it entertains us!! I too wish that we didn’t kill animals for food but this is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SITUATION THAN VICKS DOG FIGHTING PARTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!