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PJ’s Pets, a nationwide chain of pet shops in Canada has announced that they will no longer sell puppies in their stores!

The company announced this week in a press release that as of Semptember 1, 2011, their stores will facilitate adoptions of pets in need of homes instead of selling puppies most likely from puppy mills. If you would like to know more about the puppy mill industry, check out our recent story on the upcoming documentary Madonna of the Mills. PJ’s Pets says that they are hoping to help “find homes for thousands of pets in local SPCA’s, Humane Societies, rescue groups and shelters across the country.”

Michael O’Sullivan, the CEO of the Humane Society of Canada, told CTV News, “I think it puts the responsibility where it belongs and it’s wonderful for the animals.” He also praised the stores for supporting the process of adoptions, instead of letting people take the dogs home on impulse decisions. “You actually do an adoption process, so that the animals don’t come back even to the shelter for the same reasons they came. And you look for a permanent loving home.” He stressed the importance of considering all of the care and attention that a dog needs before adopting, but points out that there are other ways to help too. “It’s a long-term commitment and I think that people need to think it through,” O’Sullivan said. “If you can’t have an animal right now for one reason or another, volunteer at your local shelter.

The stores will allow rescue organizations to use space in the store to set up information tables, hand out leaflets, show photos of the dogs and take adoption applications. Some stores will also have kennels with shelter dogs available for adoption. As O’Sullivan reminds us, hundreds of thousands of animals are euthanized in Canada each year because homes cannot be found for them. Hopefully, this will make a difference for some of the lonely dogs waiting in shelters.

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  • Lucy

    Does anyone know where this photo (sheltie puppy) was taken? What happens to these poor souls if no-body buys them? Do they go back to puppy mills?

    • Alex

      I’m sure they’ll go to rescue organizations. There’s no way they’d send them back to puppy mills.

      • Lucy

        I’m so glad to hear that! Thanks Alex. I wonder where this sweet puppy is?

      • Deanna

        There are several likely scenarios for unpurchased animals from pet stores: they may be shipped back to the mill to be used for breeding; they may be dropped off at animal shelters; they may be sold to laboratories as test subjects; they may appear in classified ads at reduced rates; they may be abandoned at the side of the road; or, they may be euthanized.

        While I’d like to believe that rescue organizations are contacted, the likelihood of that seems slim, as not only would the supply of puppies/kittens be unending and swamp the rescue groups very quickly (and thus prevent other spots from being available), but it would entail time, energy and money to coordinate the transport–something I don’t see pet stores wanting to do since it would affect the bottom-line of their profits/expenses.

        Any way you look at it, pet store animals face a torturous future–whether it’s short- or long-term.

  • Asha

    Great to hear!

  • Chris

    Does PJ Pets still sell other animals, if they do, they should stop.

    Breeding, or selling animals should be illegal.

    Selling another sentient being, should be illegal.

    If someone wants a pet, they should adopt – and be screened first.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Julia-Tawyea/100001006090027 Julia Tawyea

    Thank You!!! Finally a pet store recognizes that selling pets when there are so many pets that are in shelters, and being put to death is senseless, irresponsible, not to mention cruel, murderous, and heartless is incredible news for those of us who love and adore animals.. Thank you so much!!

  • Sally Bennett

    This is so wonderful! And so overdue. Now…wouldn’t it be wonderful if people would stop mass producing chickens and they were all released from their cages, as well! All animals should be treated with respect.

  • Lucy

    Does anyone know who wrote this article? I just want to get in contact with them.

  • http://www.vegan-diet-success.com Vegan Diet Success

    This is one forward thinking company. As consumers, we need to reward companies that are part of the solution. Corporations and companies are integral to making the world a better place, because they are some of the most powerful gatherings of people.

    Puppy mills are a terrible industry, as shown in the movie Earthlings. Highly recommend that film.