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A naked campaign that has nothing to do with animals? And they’re men? Excellent!

After her two year old son was diagnosed with type one diabetes, Wild Women Press co-founder and poet Victoria Bennett put together a calendar to raise money for the cause.

The male poets who posed for the calendar were each teamed up with a female photographer. A female poet’s work also accompanies each month.

Bennett said about her inspiration for the calendar, “We were looking at things we could do to raise money and awareness of type one diabetes. I run Wild Women Press and my focus has always been trying to promote and give a platform to women’s writing. Late one night I came up with the idea of a poetry calendar – I wanted to explore the idea of the male muse, as opposed to the female muse.”

The male poets involved aren’t the kind you would see on say, a fireman’s calendar. (Remember that Sex in the City episode?) The focus seems to be a bit more on composition rather than oiled up muscles and the men involved range in age from early 20’s to late 60’s.

Perhaps the best part of this story, besides for raising money for research, was how the slightly shy poets reflected on their nudity. Bennett said that due to being nervous, the participants “talked a lot about it…the relationship between the vulnerability of the body with diabetes, that hidden vulnerability, and the actual vulnerability of nakedness, being photographed nude and the psychological experience of that.”

I wonder if a conversation like that ever happened at the PETA headquarters…

Bennett believes that the calendar will be purchased by “anybody interested in photography – we’ve got 13 women photographers from the UK who have produced very different work, anyone interested in poetry, and anyone with an interest in beauty and the subject matter of the subverted muse, as well as people who want to support the cause.”

If you want one, they can be pre-ordered here starting on October 6th.

Via The Guardian

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