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Photo: NASA

PETA isn’t just looking to make Earth a vegan planet, they have their sights set on Mars too.

PETA recently sent out a press release about rocket producer SpaceX and their plans to send flights to Mars to create a colony. According to the animal rights organization, “the Martian colony is an opportunity to make a kind civilization in which humans don’t exploit other beings. And since the animal agriculture industry is toxic to human health and to the environment, an all-vegan civilization would ensure that the new Martian citizens would have long and healthy futures.”

The letter from PETA president Ingrid Newkirk to SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk was also included. Newkirk said, “We can get off on the right foot on our new biosphere by ensuring that SpaceX crafts traveling to Mars are stocked only with vegan food and that Mars’ colonists commit to enjoying an animal-free diet once they’ve arrived. Colonizing Mars can give us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes on one planet and create a just civilization on another. Ensuring that Mars is a vegan planet (rather than importing animal products from Earth or creating factory farms on our new home) would protect animals from the horrors that they endure in the meat, egg, and dairy industries.” She also pointed out the cruelty of factory farms, such as animals being “crammed by the thousands into filthy sheds and cages so small that many can’t even turn around or spread their limbs.”

Musk’s response to PETA’s letter was somewhat supportive of the idea. He told Space.com, “”I’m a big fan of free choice for any future Martian colony. That said, it is likely that early Mars colonists would have a mostly vegetable diet, because of the energy and space needed to raise farm animals.” Space.com also points out that feeding the Mars colony will be difficult, as food will either need to be transported from Earth or grown on Mars itself. Musk hopes to fly people to Mars within 10-20 years.

Meanwhile, Newkirk and PETA say going vegan is the best solution for people on Earth too. “If Elon Musk’s vision of a colony on Mars comes true, the last thing those people will need is the disease and destruction that results from eating animals…Whether you’re settling into your new Martian home or staying here on Earth, going vegan is the best way to ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy the world around you for as long as possible.”

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  • http://www.myspace.com/franklanguage Fallopia Tuba

    It’s a nice thought, but even though humans are able to live as vegans, most people don’t believe they’re able to; as soon as they can, people will want to raise cattle and rabbits and chickens.

    • Nyx

      I like my steak cooked rare.

  • Aitor

    Just like space colonization, universal veganism is just a matter of time. You inspire us, Ingrid!

  • romika3

    And people a donating to a group like this, starting a porno site, talking about growing vegetables on Mars.

    • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

      can you imagine, all PETA does on this topic is send a press release and half the world is suddenly talking about veganism on Mars. Costs of this campaign : not even a stamp. Results : enormeous. PETA is simply brilliant and knows how to make publicity with little costs.
      Where the donation money flows to, are the less media savvy campaigns, i guess, like making undercover videos, education, promotion material, behind the scenes work, etc.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Remy-Chevalier/754430220 Remy Chevalier

    Mars? Why not David Rockefeller’s glamour farm in Tarrytown, NY where thousands of turkeys are gutted every Thanksgiving to the delight of trendy downtowners.

  • http://mikesowden.org/feveredmutterings Mike @ EcoSalon

    Nasa have already said that astronauts and settlers will be relying on plantlife: http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2004/25feb_greenhouses/

    But as Elon Musk says – it’s ultimately about free choice, if a viable colony is established. And human nature is such that the scarcer and more denied something is, the more attractive is becomes to a significant part of the population. (Unfortunately. How fickle we truly are). There’s the real challenge.

    • pip

      Is there a link that would support a claim that astronauts and settlers will be vegan?

      I mean it is only common sense that they will grow plants for food and oxygen and aesthetics. But has NASA made a claim that small animals like chickens or goats won’t be raised on some of those plants to provide eggs, milk and meat?

  • http://www.vegan-diet-success.com Vegan Diet Success

    If there is intelligent life out there, we had better hope they are vegans too! Cooked the right way, us humans could be pretty tasty, I imagine. PETA really does think of everything! They already have their eyes on outer space…

  • r

    nice thought but what about those of us that absolutely need meat? I have a variety of food sensitivities and allergies that also expand to supplements. considering the people with my particular disease (and it’s worse if you have it in addition to something else) are growing in number I find this pretty exclusive and obviously it takes away people’s right to choose what they eat. I do agree our industry is quite bad but I think there are ways to do it humanly and sustainably. My body has an extremely hard time with b vitamins for example, and I can’t take supplements without an allergic reaction and chicken is one of the best ways to get b12. I have many allergies to most fruits and some veggies. Not eating meat just isnt an option for me

    • http://www.vegan-diet-success.com Vegan Diet Success

      r, I find it hard to believe that someone would not thrive on a vegan diet. After all, we’ve only begun killing and cooking food in the last 100k years or so. Humans evolved to live in jungles for the majority of their time on earth. Many people have overcome significant health problems on a vegan diet, including myself: http://www.vegan-diet-success.com/about-me.html

    • http://www.vegan-diet-success.com Vegan Diet Success

      P.S. Have you tried sublingual b-vitamins? Meaning, they dissolve in your mouth? That’s what I use. I respect anyone’s dietary choices, and being on this site shows that you are already part of the solution, and not the problem.

    • http://www.vegan-diet-success.com Vegan Diet Success

      I’m sorry you didn’t find my advice helpful. It’s well established that humans were only to make fire in the last 200k years. Since humans became a distinct species 5-7 million years ago, this is pretty short in the scheme of things.

  • pip

    I am sorry that you can’t read English and/or you believe you know more than scientists who spend their whole lives doing research on these issues.

    It appears that scientists have established that humans started cooking food close to 2 million years ago, almost 10 times your updated claim and almost 20 times your original claim. Now why your claim went from 100K to 200K in less than 24 hours is beyond me.

    • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

      @ Professor Pip.
      there is no evidence when people started to cook, some anthropologists (dificult word…) believe it’s up to 2 million year ago, while some antroposomething believe it’s as late as 40.000 to even as late as 10.000 years ago.
      MOST antropeople however believe it’s around 250.000 years ago that hominids started to cook, when the first hearths appeared.

      before “cooking” our ancestors had to masticate for many hours unripe fruits, tubers and roots, and other veggies, much like chimps still do these days. Cooking made it soft and eatable and so gave our ancestors a big advantage like more time to do other things and eventualy bigger brains.

      • pip

        @Professor herwin

        Gee you are getting just like AnimuX with the references to wikipedia. Of course if you read and comprehended things you would know that most ‘antropeople’ (whatever that made up word means) believed cooking started over 500,000 years ago, but that new recent research has indicated that it may be much longer ago than that. Hence why I linked to the new research. You do realize ‘antropeople’ continue to do research and study new finds and thus things that use to be generally agreed on change as new data is uncovered?

        Also the general belief is that the evolutionary benefits of cooking plants can break up toxins that make some foods difficult for humans to digest. Cooking can also make hard foods softer, allowing for easier chewing and digestion. Cooking meat also kills bacteria and parasites.

        Among antropeople, the most popular theory about the origin of cooking is that it was linked to selective pressure for enlarged brains among younger homininds. Brain tissue is calorically expensive tissue and increasing the quantity and quality of foods available to juveniles may have enabled those among them with a genetic propensity to developing large brains to realize their potential.

      • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

        dear colleague Pip,
        thanks for your interesting opinion.
        the previous link that you provided links to an article claiming Controlled-Frie Cooking started probably 1.9 millions years ago, all based not on direct evidence, but on indirect “evidenence”.
        1.9 millions year ago our molars started to get smaller and the researcher simply throws a theory that this must be because prehsitoric people started cooking their food.
        Its a nice theory but one in a dozen and it lacks evidence.
        Until now, the only evidence of when controlled fired cooking started, is in the form of prehistorical hearths findings, with an age of around 250.000 years or so.
        BTW, it is intersting to note WHY cooking gave us such an advantage.
        NOT because of cooking meat, because raw meat also digest pretty good. No colleague, it was because with cooking a whole new foods could be better exploited, especially root vegetables like potatoes and tubers, and grains and rice. (try eating raw rice, you will easily see that cooking is a big advantage…)

        Here is a new link, not from Wikipedia but from a Science article, i hope that meets your standards..
        This is another theory that people started cooking 2 million years ago, yet several antrophlogists are quoted in the article, as why this is incorrect :

        from the SCIECE article :

        “the first clear evidence for hearths isn’t until about 250,000 years ago. “The application of heat for food was a late thing,” says C. Loring Brace, an anthropologist at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. “I think [Wrangham] is on the wrong track.”

        “Michigan’s Brace, and most other anthropologists contend that cooking fires began in earnest barely 250,000 years ago, when ancient hearths, earth ovens, burnt animal bones, and flint appear across Europe and the middle East. Back 2 million years ago, the only sign of fire is burnt earth with human remains, which most anthropologists consider coincidence rather than evidence of intentional fire.

        In short, your link is only a theory without evidence and without general consensus, the evidence of when cooking started still points to 250.000 years ago and not two million years ago.

      • pip

        So one scientist 12 years ago disagreed with another scientist about the date.

        And in new research using new data and new methods gives a new theory. A theory that will be looked at and discussed by other scientists. They will either prove it wrong or it will enter the pile of possibilities. That is how science works.

        And in in field like anthropology there are constantly new finds that overturn or confirm old theories. New methods are used on old finds that reveal new insight.

        But in any case her original claim of 100K is way off from even your link.

      • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

        1. no, not one but two scientist in the article that i linked disagree with the date. At least try to get the facts straight.
        2. the article that you linked, doesn’t provide “new data” ; it’s old data (= 2 million years ago people’s molars started to get smaller and at the same time brains get bigger) without any new findings nor using any “new methods”, its just a new theory, twelve in a dozen, they pop up every time and are amusing to read.
        anyway, see you at the upcoming Antropology Conference !

      • pip

        “1. no, not one but two scientist in the article that i linked disagree with the date. At least try to get the facts straight.”

        Yes why don’t you? And the lies are really funny. Citing an article in which one group disagrees with another group and you claim that means only 2 scientists disagree.

        “The earliest convincing evidence of fire use for cooking appears at the 550,000-300,000 year old late Homo erectus site at Zhoukoudian click this icon to hear the preceding term pronounced near Beijing, China and the 400,000 year old presumed Homo heidelbergensis site of Terra Amata click this icon to hear the preceding term pronounced near Nice on the French Mediterranean coast.”


        Yep only 2 scientists think the date is 300K+ years and that is why a university would teach it.

      • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

        @ Pip,
        thats funny, at the beginning of this thread you claimed cooking started 2 million years ago.
        And now you quote an article that says cooking started 550.000 ~ 3000.000 years ago.
        tell you what, lets agree that cooking started 550.000~300.000 years ago, i can live with that..

      • pip


        I really thought you were better than that.

        Please show me where I ever claimed cooking started 2 million years ago. I will donate my next months worth of pay to the SSCS if you can do that.

        So now that we have your lying out in the open lets really look at the beginning of this discussion.

        “Vegan Diet Success, August 24, 2011 at 6:22 pm

        After all, we’ve only begun killing and cooking food in the last 100k years or so.”

        Yet you posted;

        “MOST antropeople however believe it’s around 250.000 years ago that hominids started to cook, when the first hearths appeared.”

        So you even agree that cooking started more than 100K years ago. Yet you have spent days arguing and now resorting to lying and yet you still agree that Vegan Diet Success was wrong.

        I really thought you were better than the likes of AnimuX but I guess not.

      • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

        pip August 25, 2011 at 12:27 pm :

        “It appears that scientists have established that humans started cooking food close to 2 million years ago, almost 10 times your updated claim and almost 20 times your original claim.”

        there it is, you claim that scientists have “established” that cooking started two million years ago.

      • pip

        “It appears that SCIENTISTS have established that humans started cooking food close to 2 million years ago, almost 10 times your updated claim and almost 20 times your original claim.”

        It appears I claimed that scientists have established a date. I don’t have the training and I haven’t done the research to make a claim like that.

      • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

        “It appears I claimed that scientists have established a date.”

        scientists havent established a date, some scientists have a theory that cooking started two million years ago, and some (most other paleontologists) say cooking started a few hunderd thousand years ago when the first hearths were made by prehistoric people.

        pip, August 24, 2011 at 8:28 pm :

        “Too bad you are wrong about when humans started cooking their food”

        so on one hand you don’t claim nothing (suddenly), yet you can tell other people they are wrong on the date, whose claims are also backed up by scientists..
        Hmmm, interesting person you are.

      • pip

        If she would show a scientist that agrees with the 100K year date then we could have started a discussion about the various positions. But she didn’t do that. In fact she changed her claim to 200K, still with no citation, so as far as I know and as far as I have been able to find her claims are not backed up by scientists. And she hasn’t posted since.

        But you decided you just had to get involved even though you have agreed that her number was in error. But now you are claiming that her numbers (and which number would that be 100K or 200K) are backed by scientists.

        Hmmm, interesting person you are.

  • tracy

    are there vast herds facing cannibalistic extinction there? wow can I see. Or so we dont cage KFC creatures for soup…

  • Teek

    Great for the Vegans and great for the non-vegans. It’s a win-win for everyone.

    I really hope the Vegans enjoy life on their new planet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1673478101 Jackie Cox

    whatever will grow when night time temperatures reach -168 degrees ? Oh yeah, the atmospheric conditions, these dreamers should work for obmama or marvel comic books,