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“Kitten Season” is a tactic animal shelters are using to encourage adoption of the beloved felines they shelter. Shelters across the country are running special promotions with highly discounted rates to hopefully bring you in to adopt a new pet for your family.

Five area animal shelters in Oregon are cutting adoption fees by as much as 50% to make owning a cat or kitten more financially feasible. The adoption specials being campaigned by the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland, “Cats R Cool 4 Back 2 School,” runs through Sept. 18th.

Discounted, adoptable  cats and kittens in Oregon can be adopted through the Cat Adoption Team, The Oregon Humane SocietyHumane Society for Southwest WashingtonMultnomah County Animal Services, and Washington County Bonnie L. Hays Small Animal Shelter. Cat and kitten adoption fees can be upward of a $100 at these shelters. For the “Cats R Cool 4 Back 2 School” specials the shelters are offer half prices, buy one get one deals, and buy one get one half-off deals. Adult cats (over a year) will be adoptable at $10- $40 during the promotion period and kittens will be adoptable for between $40 and $100. 

Oregon isn’t the only state running special adoption promotions to get people interested in adopting cats and kittens. In San Clemente, CA, the non-profit Pet Project Foundation has teamed up with the local animal shelter, San Clemente-Dana Point Animal Shelter, to cut adoption fees drastically and make it easier for families to own a cat.

San Clemente Dana Point Animal Shelter is offering up cats and kittens for adoption for a $9 adoption fee. The promotion is called “$9 for 9 Lives” and includes the adoption of a cat or kitten and a “kitty starter kit” which includes litter boxes, feeding bowls, and other much needed pet supplies.

Pet Project Foundation volunteer Paula Becker told the Orange County Register, “The nice thing about supplying all this is that people won’t have to leave to purchase these things and then come back for the cat.”

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