Faces Helped by Charity:water
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Photo: Flickr/ Sacca on charity:water mission

Charity:water, the non-profit organization dedicated to bringing clean water to those in need, has launched September’s big campaign. The non-profit hopes to raise $1.2 milllion to buy a drilling rig. The rig along with other equipment will help to bring clean, safe drinking water to the many people in need. And that need is huge.

Right now, women and children in Africa spend 40 billion hours every year walking for water. Most of the time the nearest source of water is many, many miles away, unprotected, and likely to make those drinking it sick. According to Charity:water’s “Why Water?”, “90% of the 30,000 deaths that occur every week from unsafe water and unhygienic living conditions are of children under five years old.”

The reality is that these diseases are preventable. A clean water supply can help prevent one tenth of the global disease burdens we are witnessing.

Faces Helped by Charity:water

Charity:water has raised over $42 million dollars in the past 5 years and was one of the first charities to make a social media campaign that was hard to ignore. It started with the founder, Scott Harrison, giving up his birthday for clean water. Now, it is almost second nature for people to “give up” their birthday and ask their family and friends to donate to charity instead.

Since Charity:water’s inception it has brought clean water to over 2 million people in 19 countries. September’s campaign to buy a drilling rig and raise $1.2 million will go toward helping another 600,000 people gain access to clean, safe water.

One of the best things about charity:water is you can see where the money is going. A feature on the website called Dollars To Projects lets donors track every dollar. The system allows donors to see first hand through photos, GPS coordinates and community information what their donations are doing to make a difference in the lives of those who need clean, safe water the most. Even if donors only give a $1, that money is tracked, documented, and used for the cause.

If you wish to donate or want to give up your birthday to raise money and awareness about clean and safe water visit My Charity:water to create a fundraising page. Just one dollar from all your Facebook and Twitter friends could go a long way to raising that $1.2 million for a drilling rig. It will help hundreds of thousands of people gain access to clean water and prevent thousands of weekly cases of infections, diseases, and death.

Why wouldn’t you donate a dollar?

The 2011 September Campaign. Our 5-year-anniversary video from charity: water on Vimeo.

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