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Academy Award-nominated Jake Gyllenhaal is helping inner-city kids in the Bay Area by teaching them about sustainable farming and healthy eating. He isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty with the children as they get what Chef Alice Waters calls an, “edible education.” She believes in teaching kids to grow and cook their own foods giving them the hands on love of moving something from the garden to the table. She teamed up with the Love and Other Drugs actor because of his love of gardening.

“I grew up around gardens and growing my own food, my family did that alot and that was real source of community. Growing up, more than anything, I got to know my mother and father and my sister and they got to know me at the dinner table,” says the actor in a Today interview with Jenna Bush Hager.

“To share food is a beautiful way to educate children,” says celebrity Chef Waters. Both Gyllenhaal and Waters are hoping that the sustainable food movement will reach other public schools. Gyllenhaal hopes that the gardening education for children will move to places like the Martin Luther King’s school in Berkley and The Boys and Girls Club in Hunter’s Point.

“The essence of the idea with these gardens is that kids can come into them and they can experience what it’s like to grow something and see something grow. When they do this they have a different relationship to what they eat,” says Gyllenhaal. Waters claims that there is much more education going on than just learning to grow and cook food. It can lead to other areas of education like Math, Geography, and Science.

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