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Photo: Irish Horse Welfare Trust

Anthony Head, known for playing Rupert Giles on the TV favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer, has become a supporter for the Irish Horse Welfare Trust.

The IHWT currently houses 92 horses at the welfare center in Woodenbridge, Ireland. The organization also rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes horses that have been abandoned, neglected or ill-treated. Before the winter hits, the Trust is reaching out and asking people to assist them and sponsor one of the animals at its facility in Wicklow.

In addition to Head showing support, other advocates include Irish equestrian star Jessica Kurten and well-known sports broadcaster Tracy Piggott. The organization is looking to uphold its charity and welfare center, along with securing sponsorship for six of its horses and ponies who have been rehabilitated after neglect and cruelty.  

Several programs exist for people to get involved. One of the IHWT’s programs is The Sponsor Me, which looks to help families form bonds with the horses. In addition, those who participate are invited to visit the center to check out the progress of the animals. Another program exists for ex-racehorses. One particular ex-racehorse has already been welcomed at the center and it is none other than Cheltenham star Moscow Flyer. Ex-racehorses are retrained so they can take part in other disciplines like dressage and show jumping.

“Some of the horses have suffered so much. It is just such a heartening experience to come down to the farm and see these noble creatures, getting a well-deserved second chance at life,” Sharon Newsome, IHWTs co-founder said.

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  • sabita patwardhan

    Absolutely great. Horrifying, how animals are abused by greedy people who care only for themselves and their families. Hope they are punished.