Daryl Hannah Speaks To Reporters
by Lisa Kalner Williams
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Photo: TarSandsAction.org

Actress and eco-warrior Daryl Hannah was arrested today in front of the White House during a sit-in to protest the proposed Keystone XL pipeline expansion. U.S. Park Police handcuffed Hannah after she refused to move off of the sidewalk.

A police spokesperson said that Hannah paid a $100 fine and was released from custody.

If approved by the State Department, the Keystone pipeline will funnel gas over 1,600 miles — from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

Hannah is certainly no stranger to facing the fuzz for environmental causes. In 2009, she was arrested for an act of civil disobedience at a mountaintop removal protest. You can tell that she’s done this before — check out this video of her today preparing to be taken away by police:

Whether the arrest was random or deliberate, I give the coolest mermaid on the planet props for walking the walk on this important issue. How about you?

Video credit of energyNOW!


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  • wilbur

    So now you cant protest what the fck they should of said obama must leave NOW

    • pip

      You can protest all you want. But you can’t break the law while protesting.

      Also you do realize they WANT to get arrested don’t you? If all they did was peacefully protest virtually no one would report on it, but be having a semi-famous actress get arrested they hope to get more media coverage.

      • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

        actually, breaking the law sometimes in a responsible way such as civil disobedience, is a part of a functioning democracy and to make society a better place.
        What Rosa Parks did was at the time breaking the law, yet it did make society a better place by her “breaking the law” and the result.
        Not being able to break the law as a citizen , it is called a dictatorship.

      • pip

        Actually breaking the law for any reason is still illegal.

        “Not being able to break the law as a citizen , it is called a dictatorship.”

        That’s a joke right? Because it seems you are saying that any society that enforces laws is a dictatorship.

      • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

        yes, Pip, that’s right, breaking the law is illegal. i wouldn’t (and i didnt but i wish i could ) say that breaking the law is legal.
        On the other hand, what miss parks did, was ilegal at the time, yet a short time later, society and laws were changed and it was not longer ilegal, thats because breaking the law sometimes is part of a functioning democracy and tolerated.

        Now if you compare that to a dictatorship, where ONLY the overthrowing of a governement (look at Egypt, Turky, etc) can lead to social changes, because no dictatorship will tolerate any changes unless made by the dictators themselves.
        Look at Saoudia Arabia, miss parker would still be in jail there…

  • http://www.thefreedomfilm.com Dakota Johnston

    We need to stop the destruction to the environment caused my our addiction to oil TODAY! We can do it and we will, we can set ourselves free..

    Find out how at : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71HAHe3_2dk&feature=youtu.be

  • Deanna

    Go Daryl Hannah!

  • Sonia

    She’s my hero!

  • http://www.berlin-sofort.de Ferienwohnung

    my hero too! we should speak from the heart!

  • elandy2009

    BTW, What happened with the charges of impeding traffic and obstruction she is facing in West Virginia? Is she fleeing to avoid trial? Please reply! It will be appreciated.

  • elandy2009

    Still waiting a reply! Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up!