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Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, have released a special video message in support of World Vision’s relief efforts in East Africa. The couple is urging people to give up one meal a day and donate the sum of $10 to FamineNoMore by texting “FAMINE” to “20222”. World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization, has launched FamineNoMore, a social media campaign, to increase awareness and raise funds to fight what has been slated as the “worst drought of the 21st century” in the Horn of Africa.

The “Wolverine” star says of the organization, “World Vision is supporting long-term programs such as drought-tolerant crops, help for herders’ animals, and assistance to families to diversify their income source so that drought doesn’t leave them without an income.” Jackman and his wife who are Ambassadors for World Vision have seen the effects the drought has had on the people of Africa.

Furness says in the video, “Children are the most vulnerable in times of crisis like this and in the worst hit areas of Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia nearly half a million young people are at risk of malnutrition. Hugh and I have been to Ethiopia, and we’ve seen first-hand the World Vision staff who work on the ground. They’re at the crisis points now providing lifesaving food and water.”

World Vision’s campaign website,, asks participants to donate, view and share aid worker videos from the frontlines of the crisis, and voice concerns and thoughts through twitter using the hashtag #faminenomore. A global appeal for $100 million USD has been made by World Vision to help fund its relief efforts in Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. World Vision seeks to help those who need it most– the 2.5 million children affected in the areas.

Jackman has been with World Vision for quite some time. In 2009 he spoke as Ambassador for the organization during climate week in NYC. When he isn’t acting he is working on one philanthropic effort or another. He is the global advisor for Global Poverty Project, a supporter of the Art of Elysium, and often uses his twitter account to raise funds for charity. You can see him in the upcoming film “Real Steel” in theaters October 7th.

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