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Even though there won’t be a season three of Jamie Oliver’s reality series “Food Revolution”, it appears that he’ll still be sticking around Los Angeles. Well, at least in restaurant form.

Eater LA is reporting that the Naked Chef may be set to open his first US location in LA. They further postulate that the restaurant may be an American version of his popular “Fifteen” franchise, which currently sits in London, Amsterdam, and Cornwall. For those not in the know, the unique thing about Fifteen is that it annually accepts 15 disadvantaged youths (between the ages of 18-24) to serve in the restaurant and train to become chefs.

The site goes on to further expand upon rumors that Oliver is attached to a new reality series, by suggesting that the restaurant might play host to something similar to 2002’s “Jamie’s Kitchen” and 2003’s “Return to Jamie’s Kitchen”.

Either way, we know for a fact that Oliver still has big plans for his “Food Revolution” brand. In this month’s current issue of “Outside Magazine”, the 36-year-old says he’s not sweating the cancellation of the series. “TV that is reality, and TV that gives a s**t, and TV that doesn’t mind sticking its neck out to tell the truth, has a future,” he says. “The food revolution will crack on no matter what.”

The chef recently started a petition urging 1M people to take a stand against obesity and urge food suppliers and governments to do more. Celebrities such as Robert Downey Jr., Jeremy Piven, Kate Winslet, Orlando Bloom, and many more star in a new video in support of the effort. You can lend you name (which already has close to 750,000 signatures) here!


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