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Professional surfer Kelly Slater took to his Twitter account to promote awareness for dolphins and Fukushima relief. Yes, you heard right and may be thinking the two don’t go hand in hand, but Slater used the wonders of social media to explain why both are extremely important.

Slater first tweeted, “How ’bout this, Japan? Dont kill any dolphins this year & I’ll donate $100K to Fukushima relief and raise more.”

Later on, Slater quickly tweeted to clear up any confusion his fans and followers may have encountered with his previous Tweet. “Dolphins and Fukushima aren’t actually connected in any way so I apologize if offended. Just meaning to incentivize for stopping cove kills.”

For those who don’t know or need a refresher about Fukushima, it is a nuclear power plant affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan last March and has suffered from radiation problems.

“I’ll be donating and helping raise money/relief for Fukushima no matter what. Just extra incentive. Not meant to tie together as either/or,” Slater went on to explain.

Slater continued his mission of support for these two causes and said, “Today begins dolphin killings. If we can raise awareness of Fukushima Radiation problem/solutions (not just funds) and leverage against slaughter, many people win and work together. Social media is amazing like that.”

Ah the powers of social media. Way to go Kelly on your efforts, especially through the use of Twitter! Be sure to follow the surfer and check out his other eco-friendly and charitable tweets.

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