by Michael dEstries
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Everyone in San Diego is (justifiably) freaking out over recent sightings of great white sharks near some local beaches. This photo alone is enough to make anyone pause.

It was snapped by a local shooting some surfers enjoying the waves on Wednesday and subsequently sent to news outlet CBS 8. The network in turn sent the image to a local shark expert, who confirmed that the shark in the photo is a 10 to 12 foot great white.

Yowzers. Stay cool, San Diego – but maybe stick to the pools.

[Screengrab via CBS8]

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  • Eva @ Four Leaf Clover

    How awesome… huge great whites in the area, right next to people, and that’s all the story’s about. Not an attack and hopefully it’ll stay that way. It’s about time sharks are seen in a better light and lose that bad rep.

  • herwin

    nice hoax photo. just clicked the link to see the original photo (the Razzi photo is only a detail) ; a shark swimming in a wave (unlike the deep blue of the rest of the sea, the wave is light blue , meaning it’s a shallow wave with light shining thrue, and a 12 feet shark should swim in this shallow wall of water in that angle ?) and even against the current ? This is copy and past with photoshop, no doubt.
    Even the headline of this original article says it’s an “unbeliveable photo.”
    Oh, and what does “local shark expert” mean, eh ? Not much credibility, just a scary shark story, sad, because we need more diferent shark stories who tell the right story.