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Hollywood, Florida will be breaking ground in December for the State’s first sustainable park being built at the corner of South 24th Ave and Monroe St. The city appears to be following in the footsteps of a trendy idea that started in Los Angeles, CA.

Environmentaland was the world’s first interactive environmental theme park located in LA’s Hollywood and Highland complex. It offered an eco-planetarium, an Energy Playground, an organic food challenge, desert mini-golf and much, much more. However Environmentaland in LA closed its doors in 2010 with hopes that it would spread across the nation as a “pop-up theme park” idea.

Hollywood, FL’s first sustainable park will be permanent and be created with the environment in mind. The park boasts a lot of eco-conscience ideas– no electricity, a cistern system for collecting rain water, benches made from recycled plastic, and a solar-powered trash and recycling compactor unit. The park will also be home to plants native to the area, a butterfly garden, and an exercise station.

The sustainable park project earned a $75,000 award from Parks for People, a non-profit organization dedicated to establishing, growing and protecting parks, along with several other grants to make the project become a reality.

Renee Richards-Lukehart, a grant writer for the city’s park department, said that the construction and demolition for the sustainable park will cost about $306,000. She also said, “We are hoping to complete construction in three months.”

The idea for the sustainable park idea has been in the works for some time, but funding, permits and paperwork pushed the timeline to a later date. The groundbreaking will be held in December and if the construction keeps on schedule, the residents of Hollywood will be able to enjoy a completely sustainable, eco-friendly park in March of 2012.

via Sun-Sentinel

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