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Angelina Jolie, Pierce Brosnan and Dave Matthews will be appearing in a new film about every primate’s favorite activist, Jane Goodall.

How do the two power activists know each other? Jolie became aware of Goodall’s work at an early age after seeing her in National Geographic. She later read her books, and then met her at the Olympics while they were both there for humanitarian reasons.

When being interviewed about the upcoming film, Jolie said she was really flattered to be asked to be a part of it. She said, “I would do just about anything for Jane. I was jumping at the chance.”

The biography called ‘Jane’s Journey’ explores Goodall’s life and career as a leader in her field. It will be airing for one night only at five hundred movie theaters around the country. Viewers will be privy to never before seen footage of her first years out in the field in Africa that was recently found in Goodall’s attic.

‘Jane’s Journey’ will be airing on September 27th at 8pm. Click here to find out if it will be playing at a theater near you.

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  • herwin

    Don’t let’s forget Dian Fossey, another great defender of gorillas who in the end was brutally killed for it. “Gorillas in the mist”, great movie..

  • Sue Anne Reed

    Care2 is offering an exclusive giveaway to travel to Los Angeles and meet Jane Goodall backstage. Care2 will also give away over 2000 tickets to neighborho­od theaters across the U.S. to be inspired by Jane and her amazing life. More informatio­n about the giveaway is available at http://www­­/jane

  • Rat King

    Jane Goodall should stop promoting egg and chicken programs at Heifer! There are also other feeling and suffering animals than just chimps! Please don’t forget this!