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Aspiring designer and contestant on ‘Project Runway’ Josh Christensen obviously hadn’t done his homework when he tried to use real fur for one of his creations last week. Rule one of reality TV competitions: Don’t offend the judge.

Tim Gunn, fashion rock star and judge on the popular show, told Christensen so that there would be no confusion, “We’re fur-free.”

Perhaps the designer hadn’t seen PETA’s fur expose that Gunn kindly narrated for them. Or maybe they didn’t read the news when Gunn said at an event at a Stella McCartney store, “I’m on a campaign to get as many fashion designers as possible to stop using it.”

Word to the wise for all future contestants, listen to Tim Gunn. Fur is never in style.


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  • Rat King

    Thank you so much – Tim Gunn – for your wise and humane statement! For this I love you!

  • LittleMe

    Glad he’s not one of those pathetic celebs who jump on the ‘anti-fur’ bandwagon just when it suits them.

  • don_miguelo

    Again, this guy is classy, despite the trend of reality TV. He simply stated the fact. The designer probably should have known that, being on Tim’s show!

    I’m trying to find this clip online but cannot yet, because it looks like in the prelude the designer is using faux fur. He must have switched it to real fur for the final product?

  • herwin

    fur designers are so out of touch with reality, eh..:-P