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Sheridan Smith was happy to strip down to her undies on stage during a Make a Difference charity event hosted by Gok Wan. But then her confidence waned a bit.

Smith, who was recently cast as Bridget Jones for the West End Production musical and who recently played Elle Woods in Legally Blonde the Musical, was put on the spot by Gok who encouraged her to get naked.

Wan has convinced many women to get naked. He has built a reputation on getting women to love themselves naked by convincing them to strip down to their birthday suits.

His TV show How to Look Good Naked showcases women of all shapes and sizes looking beautiful in nothing but their skin. Gok convinced the 30-year-old actress to take most of her clothing off in front of an audience of 1,000 people. She stripped down, with Wan’s help, to her undies, suspenders, and pantyhose.

According to the Daily Mirror one guest said, “Sheridan really didn’t want to get her kit off but Gok took the mic and started chanting at her to do it in front of everyone. Sheridan felt she had to because money was at stake for charity. She was fairly mortified afterwards and ran off stage in a hurry. Gok has some making up to do.”

The charity event was held at London’s Cafe de Paris and benefited the Make a Difference Trust, better known as the MAD Trust, which helps raise funds to support people living with HIV and AIDS. The organization also helps entertainment professionals who are facing hardships due to long-term medical conditions. Sheridan Smith’s performance with Wan’s encouragement is believe to have raised £35,000 for the HIV/Aids charity.

Smith’s tweets from after the event showcase the stars attitude about her own naked body. Her first tweet after she stripped down said, “Well that was terrifying! Me & @therealgokwan have done the 1st show. The cast are so talented & really showing some flesh tonight!”

Her tweet from the day after the show showed that Gok Wan definitely had some making up to do, “I will never forgive @therealgokwan for making me flash my fat a*** and belly in public.”

Although embarrassed by her the recent coverage of her charity nudity she seems to be taking the situation in good spirits. She has also threatened Gok Wan that she wants retribution at the next charity event. Her twitter feed read, “Ha @therealgokwan i’m mortified! but what a great charity.So pleased we raised so much! Next yr I’m getting your kit off! We’ll triple it X”

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