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Photo: Herald Sun

We all know PETA’s stance on wearing the skin and fur of animals. Here at Ecorazzi, we’ve written about some of their protests at fashion shows that include fur. This week, members of PETA Australia hit the catwalk in Melbourne to protest.

It’s Spring Fashion Week in Melbourne, and PETA had something to say about fur being worn on models instead of its original owners. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, protesters climbed up onto the runway alongside the fashion models and chanting and holding up signs that read “Fur is Dead.” Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Robert Doyle, who worked with the Fashion Week organizers said, “It was managed very well at the time…Five minutes or so and a brief pause [in the show], and they had made their point. But we had to think very hard about this because, although these young designers have put in an awful lot of work, we couldn’t risk something happening.” So, fur was pulled from all shows remaining in the week’s schedule.

PETA reports that the organizers “directed furry Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology student designer Molly Herben to remove the rabbit fur pieces from her show before they hit the runway. Another designer, Jack Loder, who had planned to show dresses made of impala fur and leather and trimmed with exotic feathers, also pulled his designs.” Loder said, “As they stormed the catwalk, I thought, ‘What does this mean for my work?’…I spoke to [MSFW] the next morning and we agreed straight away: it’s best if we just take it down.” He replaced his fur dress and removed two more trimmed with exotic feathers he’d salvaged from a vintage cushion. ”It struck me as unusual, that if they [PETA] are going to be fanatical about fur, they should be about feathers; it’s an animal product too.” Well, actually they are against that too, Mr. Loder. They also recently criticized Rihanna for wearing clothing made of ostrich feathers, and salons that sell feathers from roosters for hair extensions.

Check out the video of PETA’s fashion week fur protest by hitting their Facebook page here.


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  • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

    well done PETA.

    by the way, thats an amusing photo, the PETA girl pointing to the fur hag and the fur hag pretending to be busy with her phone.LOL

  • Bob

    The terrorists have won.

    • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

      are you refering to the two ladies who have a poster in their hand ? Maybe in a dictatorship they would be called “terrorists” and kicked in jail, but we here in the free world call them “protesters” ; ordinary citizens who excercise their right to protest.

  • don miguelo

    Hmmm…their anti-fur sign equals terrorism to Bob, but yet his anti-protester post does not.

    The actual anti-terrorist forces of the world have not yet extraordinarily renditioned these two ladies. You would think they would have made that determination faster than Bob could have posted, but instead they are doing community service for a week, I’m sure. Maybe they had real threats to attend to this weekend.