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Chef Jamie Oliver, known here in the States for his (now-cancelled) “Food Revolution” reality series and healthy eating initiatives, honored the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society with a little gratis vegan meal last night.

“A very big thank-you to Chef Jaime Oliver for treating the entire crew of the Steve Irwin to a free vegan dinner at Jaime’s Italian restaurant at Canary Wharf last night,” wrote Captain Paul Watson on his Facebook page.

The M/Y Steve Irwin is currently docked in London through September 13th as part of its return trip from a successful campaign in the Faeroe Islands to yet another potential confrontation with the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean.

As for Oliver, he recently found himself in a bit of controversy after it was discovered that his menus (along with those of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay) were offering endangered European eels. A spokesman for Oliver issued a mea culpa stating that “eel has occasionally been on the menu at Fifteen London but will now come off the menu until we have done further research into the state of eel stocks.”

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  • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

    I must say, this is more cool then his fights against sugar, which frankly i dont care about too much.
    So thumbs up for this one, Jamie.

    The eel issue, regardless eel being “endangered”, it’s one of the cruelest foods. Eels can live outside the water so its not suffocation that kills them. They are actually killed by putting them in a bucket of salt. A slow and very cruel death.
    That still is a BIG thumb down…
    And, Jamies restaurants are still serving Fois Grass…?

    anyway, its a nice pr stunt, better then to see him kill a lamb (2005) or castrating a bull (2009) to pimp up his tv ratings.

    • Rania

      herwin there is nothing more to say, you’ve covered it dude.thx

  • http://www.twitter.com/texasbrat TexasBrat

    HOORAY! my two favs! I wish I was there!

  • romika3

    “The M/Y Steve Irwin is currently docked in London through September 13th as part of its return trip from a successful campaign in the Faeroe “From my information SSCS did nothing in the Faeroe Islands. They failed to “demonize ” the people, the failed to taunt and set up confrontation, they failed to collect their footage for “Whales Wars 2″, they failed to get their blood red water photos for their webpage, they failed to make an issue out of a species of whales that are not endangered or threatened. What they managed to do was waste valuable contributions that, if given to real conservation organizations, could had made a difference for marine species that are truly endangered.

  • Carole Li

    Love this news!!! GO VEGAN!!! Healthier and kinder, the way we all should have been living … Check out “Forks over Knives” … “Earthlings” … “Meat the Truth” … you will find the truth :)

  • Amy

    good job, Jamie… it’s about time you added some vegan vittles to your repertoire!