by Rebecca Carter
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One month ago we announced the launch of Ecorazzi’s philanthropic arm, Microist. Based on a concept mixing crowdsourcing, micro-donations, and social media, Microist lets you donate to 30 organizations with a single click. Together we all nominate and vote on the non-profits that will receive these funds.

Since our launch, we have received 21 donations totaling $800 (so far 30 orgs will receive at least $26.55 each), almost 100 nominations of deserving non-profit organizations, and have hosted 3 votes with hundreds voting for which organization should receive funding from Microist. (Learn how you can Donate. Nominate. Vote.)

It’s been an incredible learning process for us, as well as very inspiring. Not surprisingly, many of our first nominated organizations are animal-related, as that is a common passion for our own Ecorazzi readers.

We’ve learned about many small non-profit organizations that are running almost entirely on passion. Microist is a perfect fit for these organizations, who can use funding of any amount to operate their programs. I personally would have never known about any of these organizations if it were not for Microist.

Of course, Microist is not limited to the type or size of non-profit organizations it can support. Large organizations have been nominated, as well. These organizations will also benefit from the feature articles and funding that Microist offers. We’ve already highlighted Gulf Restoration Network, Mercy for Animals, and WildAid on the site. Many of these organizations we’ve heard of, but perhaps were not quite sure of the actual work that they do. It’s been fantastic hearing directly from them and learning about where our donations are used.

We’ll start funding organizations on October 3, 2011. One organization will be featured and funded per day. If you’d like to be one of our Founding Donors, toss some money into the pot and have your name forever in a place of honor on our site.

And remember, we’re voting on a different set of organizations daily, so there is always something new and fresh to check out on Microist. Don’t miss a beat by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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