Actor Ian Somerhalder is as famous for his environmental efforts as he is for his TV shows. His latest green initiative? Joining celebs like Mark Ruffalo and Daryl Hannah in speaking out against the Keystone XL Pipeline.

The The Vampire Diaries star has asked President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to stop the proposed pipeline, which would transport oil from Canada through the United States to refineries in Texas.

“The proposed Keystone XL pipeline puts fish and wildlife at risk, threatens the health and livelihood of countless American farmers, and perpetuates the United States’ unhealthy dependence on oil. On behalf of myself, the IS Foundation, and the 22,000 people who have already signed our Stop the Tar Sands Oil Keystone XL Pipeline Petition, we strongly urge the Obama Administration to follow through on its promise to ‘end the age of oil in our time,” said Somerhalder.

His activism goes beyond a simple statement to the White House. He’s asked his million-plus Twitter followers to get involved by signing an online petition, and his foundation is also reaching out to kids around the world, asking them to get involved in the fight.

The ISF put together a video for kids, explaining what the pipeline is, and why it should be stopped. The foundation is asking kids to draw a picture of “how beautiful our Earth is without the corruption of tar sands, land or animals that are being hurt by the Keystone XL pipeline, farmers and families that are sad about the pipeline being put in, or anything that inspires you…After we get all of your amazing drawings, we want to make a video to share them with everyone that supports ISF and anyone that knows or wants to know about the Keystone XL Pipeline.”

The foundation also encourages children to send their pictures directly to President Obama, proving that kids around the world care about the environment and want the pipeline stopped.

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