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Photo: Williams & Hirakawa/Fox

The Primetime Emmy Awards are going eco-friendly! This year’s show will bring green to the red carpet.

According to Mother Nature Network, Fox is working to “neutralize the event’s carbon footprint.” This includes “sorting and recycling of all event materials including paper, bottles, plastic, and batteries, renting everything from tables and chairs to linens, plants and service items such as non-disposable glasses, plates, silverware, platters and trays, and using signage printed with water-based ink on biodegradable materials or recycled aluminum.”

Waste from food and biodegradable items will be composted, and all food is being sourced from locally grown and organic foods. The event crew and staffmembers will be using bicycles to get around. Oh, and yup, even the red carpet will be “green!” “TV stars will walk a locally-produced carpet made from 25,000 feet of recycled material and illuminated by solar-powered, energy-saving LED and fluorescent lighting.” The carpet and solar panels will later be donated to Ronald McDonald House of Long Beach and Habitat for Humanity.

The hilarious Jane Lynch will be hosting this year, and she says it came as a surprise when she was asked by producers to host the event. “”Without a thought I said yes, and he walked away and I went, ‘What have I done?! Dear God, help me!'” And her singing and dancing, well, she says “My goal is that nobody will cringe, or at least very few people will cringe.” Lynch is the third woman to host the Emmys (without a co-host) – Angela Lansbury and Ellen DeGeneres have also hosted.

The Emmys will air live on Fox this Sunday September 18th at 8pm ET.


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  • Jennie

    Recycling at a major Hollywood event? They should have been doing this for years. Renting tables and chairs? A no-brainer. The carpet/solar panels donated to worthy causes? Another no-brainer. NASCAR and Texas Motor Speedway has had recycling containers for plastic water bottles and beer bottles for the last 4 years. If Bubba can recycle so should Hollywood bigwigs. What the Emmys should have done to have a “green” affair is to have all the women wear gowns that they have worn before; no limousines; all the swag should have been given a monetary equivalent and donated to homeless shelters, food banks, etc.; cut back on the free booze and food so there is no waste to compost. I’m sure there is more, but I’m a little perturbed. Events of this type are the epitome of waste, waste, waste. Just had to vent.

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    Finally, an event we should all look forward to because of their green advocacy. With this big events going green, we could expect big changes too!