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Acting and singing isn’t the only thing on Mandy Moore’s mind. Last month, the 27-year-old singer and actress traveled to Cameroon with Population Services International, members of Congress and other political figures to promote aid and malaria prevention.

She recently sat down with and reflected on her experience and encourages others to get involved in this great cause.

The singer/actress and wife of Ryan Adams visited the African country because of its net distribution campaign and its overall goal to provide mosquito nets to everyone who needs them.

“Malaria is the leading killer of kids under 5 in Cameroon and it’s entirely preventable,” she told “I joined the trip because PSI is working with the government of Cameroon on this distribution. Returning home, I hope to raise additional funding to help fill a gap in the net distribution.”

The anti-malaria campaign is a cause extremely important to Moore, especially since it’s a 100 percent preventable and curable disease. “I think when anyone in their right mind learns of how simple a solution is to a problem that is so monumental and spread so vastly, it would only make sense to take action. I have longed to use my platform to really help a cause in as big a manner as possible. Learning of PSI’s efforts and the need for help was a no-brainer for me.”

This wasn’t only an influential experience for the singer, but she enjoyed seeing how it changed other people’s lives. “I hope this experience and my efforts are affecting other people and their lives more than mine,” she said. “Having said that, it has been a real eye-opener about what my purpose is. I am so fortunate to live the life I do, to have the job I have and if the platform I have is but one way I can use it to other people’s advantages, my life is that much more complete.”

If you want to get involved visit and donate $10 to send a net and help save a life. According to Moore, “You can also take some swings for PSI in the State Farm Go To Bat program. Supporters have helped PSI win three weekly $18,000 donations in the program. That $54,000 will help fill the gap of 2 million nets needed to provide universal coverage in Cameroon.”

Moore doesn’t plan to stop here and plans to focus on the PSI’s child survival work for her next trip. To check out photos from her trip and to read the full interview click here!

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