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PETA will be distributing leaflets to audiences viewing the movie, “Contagion,” in a new campaign to keep people informed about real pandemics they believe are coming from factory farms and the meat industry. The movie, filled with some fabulous celebrities including presidential hopeful Matt Damon,  follows the events of a deadly virus outbreak in humanity.

The deadly virus starts in Hong Kong and makes its way from one individual to another through out various forms of contact until it makes its way into the U.S.  Gwyneth Paltrow, who plays Beth Emhoff, takes the virus home to her husband, her son, and others she has come into contact with.

Contagion’s plot is not so far fetched according a recent statement by PETA. “Audiences are flocking to see the new thriller Contagion, for its exciting action scenes and big-name celebrities, but the film’s storyline is more true to life than many people may realize,” says Michelle Sherrow in an article on PETA’s website. Sherrow goes on to cite examples of deadly contagious diseases that people have faced including swine flu, avian flu, and MRSA.

PETA’s leaflets will describe the dangers of factory farming and urge audiences to put an end to the practice and also encourage audiences to move onto a vegan or vegetarian diet. Sherrow writes, “Considering that factory farms breed swine flu, avian flu, MRSA, mad cow disease, and E. Coli, not to mention cruelty to animals, isn’t it time that we ditch diseased dinners in favor of healthy platters of plants?”

What the leaflet won’t tell you is that diseases found in meat produced by factory farms are just as likely to appear in vegetables that are factory farmed, too. Any type of factory farm, including fruit and vegetable farms, can be subject to horrible conditions which play a part in the spread of disease in humans.

Recently, the FDA has recalled strawberries (Escherichia coli O157:H7 infections) , organic baby spinach (Listeria monocytogenes), and papaya (Salmonella). Each fruit and vegetable was recalled because of the health risk involved when eating it.

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