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Long-time vegan and animal advocate Woody Harrelson has joined forces with PETA to ask the Army to stop their cruel testing on monkeys.

According to PETA, Harrelson sent a letter this to General Raymond T. Odierno, the new Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, asking him to stop the poisoning of monkeys at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. In his letter, he says “I learned from PETA that the U.S. Army will soon conduct outdated tests in which a nerve agent is injected into monkeys at Aberdeen Proving Ground. The monkeys forced through this procedure will suffer the wretched symptoms of chemical poisoning, including seizures, breathing difficulties, loss of bowel control, and convulsions.”

PETA also points out that these tests violate military policy “requiring the use of non-animal methods when available and prohibiting harming primates for training exercises.” Harrelson wrote, “Because superior non-animal methods are used for this exact training by military and civilian programs around the world, animals are clearly not required to meet your objectives. Sophisticated human patient simulators can be programmed to mimic the human response to a nerve agent attack and used in various scenarios that actually recreate conditions in which such an attack on humans may occur. They are far more relevant to military medical personnel than poisoning monkeys in a laboratory and watching how their tails twitch and their paws sweat.”

This is the latest in PETA’s ongoing opposition to the testing. They recently staged a protest outside the home of Army Secretary John McHugh. PETA President Ingrid Newkirk also recently appeared on CNN’s Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell to talk about the military’s experiments on monkeys. If you’d like to send PETA’s message to the Army calling for a stop to these tests, you can do so here.

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  • Bob

    I know I know!

    Test the poison on Woody and other PETA members instead!

    That way everyone’s a winner!

    • herwin

      so you are advocating testing poisons on people ?
      i say my vote goes for Peta who advocates non animal testing methods…

  • Whoever…

    The U.S. Army, just like all the other branches of the US military forces are nothing but a bunch of mercenaries working for the US Corporation and its military corporations… so if they don’t care about human life why would you expect them to give a damn about the poor monkeys!?

    The way the film ‘Avatar’ depicts the military is much closer to reality than most people realize…

    But then again, from a society where an inside job like 9/11 ( was so easy to carry out one can’t expect many good things.

    Oh and for those idiot zombies who still believe the American military forces are made of heroes making you and the world safer think again – the so called terrorism has increased, your president, Mr. Obama, not only hasn’t ended the wars but has opened new war fronts, your economy is a farce run by the federal reserve and other goons, you spend more money on wars than creating jobs (all the money you spend in the military machine would solve all your economic problems), you are one of the most controlled people on the planet (just look at what is happening in your airports), and I could carry on…!!

    Therefore, I’m afraid the great Woody Harrelson is powerless on this one and as always it’s the weakest who end up suffering the most – in this case it’s those poor monkeys!

  • sabita patwardhan

    Completely shitty, disgusting people.
    All they care about is themselves and their own. Let these bastards undergo this torture themselves.
    ‘Honour’ is the most hypocritical word humans, specially soldiers love using.

  • don_miguelo

    A military is the thorn that protects the rose. Woody is right however, they are misguided in thinking that animal testing will provide reliable results for soldiers. That’s a gamble the Army is willing to take because, as Whoever implies, they are in the business of war and don’t really care how it’s done– just that it is. Some contract writer in the Army put some funds in their for this project rather than do the legwork and get an alternative going. Is the entire Army at fault? Well no, there are plenty of good people in the Army, many of them against animal testing I’m sure.

    Woody isn’t powerless here, I think it’s powerless to think ‘can’t win, don’t try’. He is making a statement to put awareness and public pressure on the Army to re-think this. It is possible to change this by his statement, but not just because they are embarrassed of course. No, this will take more efforts than that, but it’s a good start.

    Also, 1. I don’t pretend all armed service people are heroes, but that doesn’t make them all into heartless monsters either. 2. Obama did open wars on new fronts, just like he said in his campaign “bringing the war to where it should have been all along”, but he did decrease forces in Iraq, don’t forget. 3. Yeah America’s economy is in the toilet but it was almost a depression when he took office. 4. IF (notice the capitals?) 9/11 was in inside job, it wasn’t the alleged society’s fault that made it so easy. In fact I remember a certain plane in PA being taken down internally by that same society. (that is, if you believe there even was a plane there, and not a UFO). I realize these are not ironclad refutations of what Whoever have said up there, but I think it needed a response without derailing the topic.

    Just curious, do you have a better plan to save these monkeys, or are you just saying there is nothing we can do here? I can agree getting the military to do anything is a tough task, but the ‘realist-more-jaded-than-you-equals-I-am-smarter’ perspective ain’t no way to live either, IMO.