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Woody Harrelson and PETA Ask the Army to End Tests Poisoning Monkeys

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Long-time vegan and animal advocate Woody Harrelson has joined forces with PETA to ask the Army to stop their cruel testing on monkeys.

According to PETA, Harrelson sent a letter this to General Raymond T. Odierno, the new Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, asking him to stop the poisoning of monkeys at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. In his letter, he says “I learned from PETA that the U.S. Army will soon conduct outdated tests in which a nerve agent is injected into monkeys at Aberdeen Proving Ground. The monkeys forced through this procedure will suffer the wretched symptoms of chemical poisoning, including seizures, breathing difficulties, loss of bowel control, and convulsions.”

PETA also points out that these tests violate military policy “requiring the use of non-animal methods when available and prohibiting harming primates for training exercises.” Harrelson wrote, “Because superior non-animal methods are used for this exact training by military and civilian programs around the world, animals are clearly not required to meet your objectives. Sophisticated human patient simulators can be programmed to mimic the human response to a nerve agent attack and used in various scenarios that actually recreate conditions in which such an attack on humans may occur. They are far more relevant to military medical personnel than poisoning monkeys in a laboratory and watching how their tails twitch and their paws sweat.”

This is the latest in PETA’s ongoing opposition to the testing. They recently staged a protest outside the home of Army Secretary John McHugh. PETA President Ingrid Newkirk also recently appeared on CNN’s Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell to talk about the military’s experiments on monkeys. If you’d like to send PETA’s message to the Army calling for a stop to these tests, you can do so here.

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