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Ke$ha is designing a new clothing line that will showcase her love of unique fashion as well as her love of animals.

According to Vegetarian Star, Ke$ha is reportedly creating a collection of faux fur clothes that she says will be “animal friendly.” “My first album was called Animal, and I’m also the global ambassador for the Humane Society International, so leopard print is a recurring theme in my look, which I like to wear because it brings out the animal inside,” the vegetarian singer said.

Ke$ha has maintained that any fur she wears is fake and that you won’t be spotting her in a fur coat. “I just love animals, and I’m an advocate for animals rights, and my family has rescued dogs from all over the world. I don’t believe in animal testing. If you see me in fur, it’s always fake.” Along with advocating for the use of faux fur, she has also appeared in PETA’s ad campaigns against the Canadian seal hunt, in which hundreds of thousands of seals are killed for their fur as well as meat and oil each year.

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  • BanTheFurTrade

    Good for her, doesn’t fake fur manufacturing use petroleum and whatnot, which is bad for the environment? Besides, I’ve never understood why anyone who is against fur would want to wear something that looks just like it. (I certainly never have or will.) How are people supposed to know it’s not real? Seems to me that wearing fake fur helps the continued popularity of the real thing. And since they look so similar, people that wear the real thing can just lie and say it’s fake. A better idea would be to promote cruelty-free fashions that look nothing like fur.

    • Dr.Cucumber

      Maybe they want to wear fake fur because they think it is pretty?

      Just like vegans might want to eat cheezy pizza,hot dogs and burgers because it is the cruelless attempt and they like the look and taste and have grown up with it?

      I think real looking fake fur is the way to blow the real fur out of the window because designers and fur wearer nag about how fake fur doesn´t look real enough…

      When it looks real(except the skin side) they have no longer the smallest argument for their bloddy skin.

      There are ways to make fake fur out of plant fibres,not only out of petrol..and still the damage done with petrol based fakefur is much less than real fur..

      Or didn´t you know the production of real fur uses much more petrol and chemicals than fake fur?

      (building fur farm, food for the animals(and feeding the food animals beforehand), pesticides,killing them,preparing the skin,driving it around and so on…it costs petrol and uses many harmfull chemicals)

  • herwin

    @BanTheFurTrade, good points you make. If fake fur looks real, why would anyone wants to wear it and suffer the angry looks from people ? LOL.
    I ditched the leather jackets years ago, wouldnt want to wear a fake leather one now, for the reasons you mention.

    She did Peta adds ? Big deal, as long yur a “celeb”, anyone can do Peta adds, including well known real fur hags or even whale meat eaters, promoting wishy washy animal welfare issues.

  • Kelly Morehead

    Don’t care for her Music.But what she is doing for the animals is awesome!!

  • Jas

    Fake fur is not always fake. China skins dogs alive to make so called fake fur. Totally disgusting. If you are an animal rights activist why would you even want to wear anything that looked like fur. Please stick to music and not a faux fur clothing line

  • Ashley AvrilFan Girling

    TBH shes a big global star and if shes promoting Animal Welfare issues, veggie diets and finding ways to have fur without the murder then her fans will follow suit and will do as she does! I say fair shout to her i personally think for someone so young to be doing this there must be a change happening somewhere in the world and its a good one!! You go Ke$ha!!