by Jennifer Mishler
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Photo: PETA

When Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast leaving destruction and loss in her path, humans weren’t the only ones affected. Many animals were abandoned, went missing or died in the storm. PETA was one of the organizations out looking for and removing animals from dangerous situations during the hurricane, and now they need someone to give a good home to a dog with a second chance.

PETA is headquarted in Norfolk, VA, an area that got hit by the storm and despite damage to their building and vehicles, they were rescuing and reporting back on what their staff and volunteers were doing to help the animals stuck in Irene’s path. Nikita was one of those animals. According to PETA, “Just before dark, some wonderful person called in about this scared dog, named Nikita. The winds were nearing 70 miles per hour. He had been in this pen, with only one sheet of wood above him for “shelter” for three days. His people had left town. He came with us.”

After being rescued and brought to shelter, water and food, Nikita began to liven up. PETA says, “Since then, Nikita has thrived with his foster family, who tell us that he loves to run and play, gets along well with other dogs and with children, adores having his tummy and ears rubbed, and if allowed, ‘will lick you to death until you yell ‘Uncle!” They quickly correct themselves, saying, ‘No wait, even then he’ll continue licking you.'”

While he seems to be loving his foster family, he still needs a forever home. “Nikita deserves an extra-special lifetime home, so PETA is looking for just the right family to adopt him. Nikita is about 1 year old, and he has been neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped, courtesy of PETA’s mobile clinic. If you live within driving distance of Norfolk, Virginia, and are prepared to give Nikita the love, care, and attention he needs,  please contact us at adopt@peta.org.”

Do you have room in your home and heart for Nikita?

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  • Bob

    PETA usually finds ‘forever homes’ for abandoned pets in out of the way dumpsters. If anyone wants to adopt Nikita I’d advise them to hurry or that will probably be his fate too.