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Director James Cameron is all set to make the most magical place on Earth even more magical. Cameron has signed a deal with Disney to build a new theme park based on his movie ‘Avatar.’

Fans and tourists will now have the opportunity to explore Pandora, the fictional planet in the film, at the Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World. The park will include animatronics and 3-D and holographic technology.

“[Disney bosses have the opportunity to] go beyond current boundaries of technical innovation and experimental storytelling, and give park-goers the chance to see, hear and touch the world of Avatar,” Cameron said.

Construction is said to commence in 2013 and reportedly the major theme park will cost $400 million. In addition, Cameron is currently working on two sequels to ‘Avatar,’ which will tie into the attraction.

“With two new Avatar films currently in development, we’ll have even more locations, characters and stories to explore,” the director said.

Cameron doesn’t plan to focus on the battles or action scenes for the attraction.

“The scenes that people liked best were not the obvious things like the big battle scenes,” he said. “It was the creatures, it was learning to fly, it was being in the forest at night.

“So here’s an opportunity … to bring this world to life and get you to wander in it and see things you didn’t see in either in the first film or the subsequent two.”

The film is widely known for its blue-skinned Na’vi creatures and great special effects. After its release in 2009, it grossed about $2.8 billion in theaters worldwide.

This isn’t the first time Disney has partnered to open a theme park not produced by its own studios. In 1995, ‘Indiana Jones’ was opened at Disneyland.

Seems like the new theme park will truly make dreams come true. Are you excited?

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