by Michael dEstries
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Here’s the first trailer for “The Grey”, a film that unrealistically pits a pack of territorial wolves against a group of stranded oil-rig roughnecks. Myself and many others included have expressed fears that this film will do for wolves what “Jaws” did for sharks. In other words, paint them as nothing more than bloodthirsty “out-to-get-you” animals that should be wiped off the face of the planet.

Here’s to hoping audiences know the difference between fact and fiction. Have a look after the jump below.

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  • Cassie

    We’re still struggling to convince some people of the importance of the wolf and the need to let them survive and this film will likely harm the issue and set up back. On behalf of all wolves, I’m sorry to see the film come out.

  • don_miguelo

    What’s with those EVIL, EVIL wolves? Can’t they see that this poor guy has a loving wife? Isn’t there enough game around to feed their viciously dangerous appetites? And that big, bad, black wolf is obviously a demon who eats babies everyday.

    For context, I’d like to throw out here that there were 33 U.S. fatal DOG attacks that occurred in 2010 per the CDC (but no one’s making a fear-mongering movie about that for some reason). Yes wolves have killed people, adults even, but even the US FWS says they rarely attack unless rabid. They stated that wolves will usually run from humans (because they are smart enough to figure out that means they will probably be shot at).

    Yeah, I agree with Cassie. I know wolves can be dangerous/deadly and maybe this movie, thru fear, will save some kid and his dog walking alone in the woods, but the overall effect will be just like what Jaws did for sharks. Here we are today having to enact shark-finning bans in next article over…

  • Steve

    This movie should play well in Idaho – where they have more wolves than most states and more people who want to kill them than most states. Any actor or director can exploit people’s fears to make a buck – but I must’ve been foolish to think that Liam had ethics as well. What if we’re wrong though – what if this film will show that the wolves are attacking humans because their habitats and traditional food sources have been impacted by human encroachment – maybe the wolves are moving south because of the impacts of climate change in alaska and canada – maybe would shouldn’t judge it by the trailer — okay maybe I’m being silly.

  • Arctos

    I’m normally one to say “oh it’s just a movie” but I just can’t stand things that perpetuate false ideas about Wolves and predators in general. Hopefully people won’t use this crap to form opinions of real wolf behavior but that’s just wishful thinking.