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The first trailer for the highly anticipated (and heartwarming) film “Big Miracle” (thankfully changed from the previous working title of “Everybody Loves Whales”) has hit – and it looks to be a great retelling of the 1988 dramatic grey whale rescue.

Do you remember 1988? Even though I was 10, I can’t say this one rings a bell – though it was a widely followed story and later largely credited with changing the public’s perception of whales. For those not already familiar, three grey whales were discovered trapped in an ice pack off Point Barrow, Alaska in October ’88. What followed to free the animals was an amazing collaboration between scientists, villagers, and governments – with even the Soviet Union lending a hand.

The event was such a big deal that even President Reagan felt compelled to issues a statement upon hearing that the whales had finally been led to open waters. “The human persistence and determination by so many individuals on behalf of these whales shows mankind’s concern for the environment,” he lauded.

Fast forward to 2011, and we’ve finally got a film based on the rescue mission. John Krasinski (“The Office”), Drew Barrymore (“E.T.”), and Ted Danson (“Damages”, some “CSI” show) star; with the latter amusingly playing a whale-hating oil tycoon.

Check out the trailer below. “Big Miracle” splashes into theaters February 3rd.

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  • herwin

    touchy ! and that piece of grey dotted styrofoam just looks like a real whale !
    i remember a similar situation in a BBC doc. A herd of beluga whales migrating too slow were caught by the upcoming ice and were trapped in a icehole. By constantly swimming at the surface they prevented the hole from completely freezing. Polar bears were at the edge though and were taken swings at them and finally could launch one of the animals on the ice and eat him. No rescuers, only a bbc team filming..
    I wonder what Ronald Reagan would say about that…

    • SquidNunc

      I’m confused, should the BBC team have helped the endangered whales by driving off the polar bears or helped the endangered polar bears by dragging a couple whales onto the ice?

      • Maryssa

        That’s terrible. This looks so inspirational. The power of human impact on animal populations is fantastic. I personally like what Ronald Reagan said, although I wish human involvement in the environment would carry past random acts of kindness. Here’s another instance of humans stepping in.

  • Maddie

    Really don’t wanna have to wait to watch this. It looks so beautiful!