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In an effort to be environmentally responsible, or to receive the 10 percent tax break, Guy Ritchie submitted an application to erect 200 solar panels at his Ashcombe House estate in the UK. The estate, in which Ritchie purchased with Madonna in 2001, would be completely solar powered.

While Ritchie probably thought that environmentalists would be happy about his initiatives, he was surely wrong when ecologist Louisa Kilgallen stepped forward and advised against it.

In a report that Kilgallen submitted to the Wiltshire County Council where Ritchie lives, she stated that the site where the solar panels would be erected falls within Ashcombe Bottom East County Wildlife Site, and could damage fragile grasslands. While the site is not protected by law, it is given protection through County Councils.

The solar panels are the latest part of Ritchie’s plans to make Ashcombe completely self-sufficient. The final decision is expected to be made on October 12 by the “planning chiefs.”

Via: The Daily Mail

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  • Alan Booth

    Let’s try this on the nice lady shall we. I know its not a lot to do with me way down here on the other side of the planet BUT, has she considered that the more self suffiecient we become and the more The Guy Ritchies of the world we have helping to reduce our human impact on the planet, no matter what is driving his desires, the more likely we are to have places that Louisa Kilgallen can visit and look for yet more fragil grass and rear newts.

    It appears to the casual observer that the Louisa Kilgallens of the world only turn up when there is something to be stopped and not when there is something to be started?

    We don’t really have a lot of time to save the planet. Please try to worry a bit more about mankind and a little bit less about a species of grass that in all probability is not likely to have a huge detrimental outcome on the future of mankind.

    All the best from down under where we are already over 70% renewable…It might be that we know a little bit about managing the clean green outdoors.

    • herwin

      Solar panels are great but should be on the roof, not turn a protected wildlife site into a solar panel park.

      And, the Kilgallens of this world are not to “stop” something, they are here to “protect” something, like, “nature” that is constantly under pressure from “development”.

      “Grassland” is a very divers and rich ecostystem important for lots of animals. Its not just a field of grass and shouldnt be denigrated. There is probably a reason why it is protected…probably because it is worth it.

      Should nature everime loose ? Always there are “good reasons” for it; jobs, housing, food, and now solar panels ?

      Maybe Ritchie dont want them on the roof for estetic reasons ? Maybe another option is to put them in his own garden.