Global Green USA has released a new PSA to help drive awareness of their new “I AM” campaign – and it’s packed with plenty of famous faces that have supported the org in the past.

Mark Ruffalo, Adrian Grenier, Orlando Bloom, Serena Williams, James Cameron, Billy Morrison, Mark McGrath, Kevin Bacon, and Kyra Sedgwick are just a few of the celebs that make appearances. The initiative is meant to keep climate change in the public dialog – in particular, the predicted devastating effects rising sea levels will have on people living near coastal areas.

“Global Green’s I AM Campaign is tackling one of the most critical threats facing our cities and the people who live in them,” said Mark Ruffalo. “I AM empowers people to show why they care about their cities, and what they are doing to help fight global warming. If everyone can join together to help put a face to the American victims of these pending disasters, we can help show our leaders why they must act now.”

GG is asking people to get involved via photo submissions to their website – with one lucky supporter winning a trip to walk the green carpet at the annual Pre-Oscar bash. Check out the PSA below – or to learn more, hit the official landing page here.

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  • Meme Mine

    Thousands of “concerned” scientists are invisible, why?
    Climate Blame was a sick and tragic exaggeration that made fools out of all of us, otherwise we would be seeing the thousands of saintly scientists marching in the streets and warning us of an approaching climate change “crisis” and ACTING like climate change was the comet hit of a disaster they said it was. And consider the fact that they didn’t march in the streets when Obama didn’t even mention “their” crisis in his state of the union address. And these lab coat consultants we obediently called scientists had been warning us of catastrophic consequences for 25 years. This is all good news for REAL planet lovers. And can someone explain how scientists vastly out number protesters, by the thousands?
    We former believers are happy for the planet, not disappointed and since we are now the voting majority, we won’t be allowing this insanity of taxing the air to make the weather colder and to lower the seas. We are removing the CO2 mistake entirely and will continue good stewardship anew, without you remaining doomers and without your twisted and sick fear of doom.
    Now who’s the real fear mongering necon eh?
    It was your turn to be gad girls with your politically correct conformity.
    The CO2 mistake was another Bush like false war, only for libs this time, and for religion, journalism, and all of science and civilized humanity itself. And isn’t it ironic that it was scientists who “denied” the dangers of their pesticides, you know, the pesticides that poisoned our planet in the first place, apparently. Billions of children were falsely condemned to a CO2 death knowingly, so let’s get the charges over with sooner than later:
    U.S. Department of Justice 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20530-0001
    By Phone: Department of Justice Main Switchboard -202-514-2000
    Office of the Attorney General Public Comment Line -202-353-1555

  • Soapy Johnson

    Speaking of Adrian Grenier, how bad was the final Entourage episode?

  • Carole692

    Stop polluting Mother Earth, time to evolve – Go Vegan !

  • GThreepwood

    Yes, I’m sure famous Hollywood scientologists will give global warming the air of credibility it craves!