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Edward Norton is one of our favorite philanthropists. His work for multiple charities has not gone unnoticed. He has fought for sharks, helped low-income people find affordable housing, encouraged education through the Solar Neighbors Program, and helped raise awareness about environmental issues.

In 2009, he ran in the NYC Marathon to raise money for the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust with 29 others. They raised $1.2 million for the trust which helps protect the ecosystems and biodiversity of Africa’s local Maasai communities. This year the actor won’t be running in the marathon, but has instead recruited 10 runners to raise money for MWCT.

Norton, although not running in the marathon, will still be in the Big Apple to see his runners tackle the marathon. He has invited the 10 fitness fans that signed up to participate on his behalf to a meal before the race. Each fan has pledged to raise at least $6,000 for the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust.

Fans of the Fight Club star who donate to any of MWCT’s runners have been promised a T-Shirt by the star. He said, “If you donate $30 to any of our Mwct Runners right now, you’ll automatically win a Crowdrise tee (T-shirt)!”

Crowdrise is Edward Norton’s charity epiphany come to life. It brings together the world of philanthrophy, social connection and fun with inspiring projects, prizes, and an amazing platform to fundraise or volunteer.

According to the About section of Crowdrise, “The concept was to create an innovative web platform where millions of individuals can use the best tools and technology to raise money for over a million different charities, and where charitable organizations can start events, team fundraisers, and turn their base of grassroots supporters into a base grassroots fundraisers.”

We haven’t quite figured out why the actor isn’t participating in this years NYC Marathon (Nov. 11), but we are glad that he is still encouraging others to raise money for Maasai’s Wilderness Conservation Trust.

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