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Photo: German Shepherd Dog Rescue

The famous black dog from “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” is up for adoption and in need of a loving home.

If you’re a huge “Harry Potter” fan you know this German Shepherd by Padfoot, his real name is Berry. He “played” the animagus, the animal form of Harry’s godfather Sirius Black, who at first scared the young wizard, but ended up becoming a true man’s best friend.

Well now, Berry’s owner stuntman Paul Thompson can no longer take care of him and has reached out through an adoption agency to find him a new home.

Britain’s “Sunday Express” reported that Thompson feels he is away from home too much, because of work, and can no longer look after the 10-year-old pup and his other dog, Porridge, a 13-year-old German Shepherd-Labrador mix.

In order to get both dogs ready for their next home, the dogs are being taken care of by German Shepherd Dog Rescue.

A fun “first-person” essay was posted on the adoption website as if written in Berry’s own words describing himself and his life alongside Porridge and their owner.

“I love people and my best friend is Porridge who is 13 human years and who I live with. Porridge has also been in some films. Both of us are a bit wobbly in our older years but we still love life.”

He goes on to say, “I am a German Shepherd and my Dad got me as a puppy. He did lots of exciting things like being a stunt man and animal training for films. That’s probably how I got my part. I love people and my best friend is Porridge who is 13 human years and who I live with. Porridge has also been in some films. Both of us are a bit wobbly in our older years but we still love life.”

If you know of someone looking for a dog or want to learn more about this magical being and his best friend click here!

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  • Susan Faye Schindler

    Good luck, from a big fan.

  • Angela

    He’s had the dogs 10 and 13 years and NOW he’s ditching them? These dogs gave him the best years of their lives, he needs to suck it up and find a way to take care of them in their old age.

    • Shanni

      I know, right? What a Schmuck.

    • Alex Pugh

      Paul Thompson describes Berry as “a ten year old pup”!! Whose he trying to kid. A ten year old dog is well out of the puppy stage. Dogs are pack animals not trophies to be dumped as soon as they become a bit inconvenient.

    • Christine

      well think about it, those first few years were the puppy years, then berry (also padfoot) was a movie star. and the guy could have also had a wife who stayed home and took care of them and there might have been an accident. Just something to think about.

  • Netsky

    I’ve looked everywhere and can not find proof that this dog was in the Harry Potter movies. In the Order of Phoenix, the dog Cleod, a Deerhound Kilbourne played Padfoot in the movie. In Prisoner of Azkaban, it was all CGI. So the only explanation I’ve been able to find is that maybe the dog was a model for the CGI dog in the Prisor of Azkaban?

    Here is more information on Cleod the Deerhound Kilbourne who played Padfoot:
    And some video of the movie he was in (clearly not a German Shepard):

    I do hope that both of these dogs get adopted. I just hope this particular dog isn’t falsely being sold off as a famous dog from the Harry Potter movies to get attention and someone pays some big money for a lie.

  • Lilly

    Who cares if the dogs really were in the movie, what matters is that they get a home and the foundation receives funds. All dogs deserve another chance. I hope the best for all of them and try to help as much as I can. I hope these dogs find a home and the others in the foundation do too.
    This foundation has done much to help animals, it’s very admirable. Always adopt!:)

    • Jess

      I completely agree but they are falsely advertising this dog and, as a result, he doesn’t get to be adopted in a timely fashion because “he is too famous”. Had none of this Harry Potter dog business been mentioned until after they had found a suitable family for him, he would likely have a home by now.