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Photo: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

With their people and economy still reeling from this year’s tragic and horrific earthquake and tsunami, the Japanese government is reportedly proceeding with plans to resume whaling in the Southern Ocean. Even more mind-numbing is news that an additional $25M US will be added to the estimated $40M cost of the program to beef up security for the whaling fleet.

“The Japanese do not want to give in to Sea Shepherd, they don’t want to bow to the threats and the obstruction they’ve seen on the high seas, they’re going to keep face and they’re going to ensure that whaling will survive,” reported Mark Willacy of

“This is a program Japan doesn’t need in a time of financial crisis when there are people without homes, there are communities that have been totally wiped out,” he later added. “That money, that whaling money could possibly be better spent on those sorts of programs. That is probably what the Japanese government is going to now face, that sort of opposition to whaling.”

In response, the Sea Shepherd wasted absolutely no time issuing a press release slamming Japan for its decision.

“Japan’s confirmation that they will resume their whaling program is an insult to all of the anti-whaling nations that so generously contributed to the relief of the tsunami and earthquake victims,” said Sea Shepherd President and Founder Captain Paul Watson. “They have accepted foreign aid to help the victims of that tragedy, and are now shifting funds to perpetuate this illegal and obscene massacre of defenseless whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. It now seems they are simply obsessed with killing whales not for need or for profit, but because they believe they have the right to do and kill what they wish in an established international whale sanctuary, just for the sake of defending their misplaced ‘honor.’ It’s a disgrace and a smack in the face to everyone who stepped forward to help in their time of need.”

According to Watson, the conservation organization will be ready for whatever Japan decides to challenge them with this year, vowing once more to put their lives on the line for the whales. “They will have to kill us to prevent us from intervening once again,” said Captain Watson. “Are the Japanese people ready to take human lives in defense of this horrifically cruel and illegal slaughter of endangered and protected species of whales? Do we have to die to appease Japanese honor? If so, my answer to the Japanese government is “hoka hey” (Lakota for ‘it’s a good day to die’), and we will undertake whatever risks to our lives will be required to stop this invasion of arrogant greed into what is an established sanctuary for the whales.”

Operation Divine Wind, the campaign hinted at for months, now appears ready to move forward. It will be the organization’s eighth operation in the Southern Ocean and include over 100 volunteers. The group’s three ships, the Bob Barker, Steve Irwin, and the Brigette Bardot will all likely take part; though it remains to be seen whether a rumored fourth vessel might also materialize.

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  • frytoy

    Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more…

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      Another year, another whaling season – and Sea Shepherd is yet to put a stop to the research programme in the Southern Ocean.

      I note that he now accepts that Japan’s research programme is not for profit, which is odd given that he has been droning on for years about how it is only for profit and that his strategy for ending the programme is to cut that profit. But now he admits that he was wrong.

      But how did he get it so wrong?

      How many millions of his donors’ money has he wasted with his mistaken strategy?

      In light of this gross blunder, is it ethical for him to remain at the helm of the organisation and continue to control the allocation of its resources (a significant amount of which he receives in personal salary, I might add)?

      Let’s not forget that this latest debacle comes on top of the confisaction of the Farley Mowat, the arrest and conviction of a crew member, and most recently the impounding of the Steve Irwin and subsequent payment of a vast fee from the SSCS treasury.

      His expulsion from Greenpeace shows that he is not prone to resignation. Perhaps it is time that the Sea Shepherd board did its duty and found a competent leader?

      • Omar Todd

        Most of the statements above are misleading and half truths.

        – Paul’s salary? He barely covers his costs, I know, I’ve seen it.
        – Paul allowed the Farley Mowat to be taken, it’s his way of cheaply retiring ships which is expensive and to make a point.
        – Anyone can Sue anyone, so how this relates to your assassination of his character above is anyone’s guess, but since the funds to raise the bond was done in record time and without breaking a sweat, it shows alot more people support SSCS actions than you would care to admit. 30+ years later they get stronger, views like yours weaker. Keep up the barking….

  • romika3

    In 2011 the Japanese harvested 49 minke, 95 sei and 50 Bryde’s whales and one sperm whale during its three-month Pacific expedition. Only the Sei is on the endangered list. Paul Watson will be happy because he now will have another season of Whale Wars and all the perks that go along with it.The problem with the SSCS is that they are incapable of bringing about any change unlike the conservation organizations that do real work.

    • Omar Todd

      You’re having a laugh right? I deal with many organisations and SSCS is by far the most “bang for your buck”.
      I could write and essay and shoot down this feeble paragraph you have scribed above, but I suspect it would be lost on you.

      • romika3

        Well, write your feeble essay and post it here. You might get a lot of “bang” for you buck with the SSCS (ie ramming, flash grenades, stick bombs, the demonizing of culture, hate mail, threats etc)but in terms of them bringing about along long term change they have done nothing but cause the Japanese to dig in their heels. The SSCS has send much of your contributions up the smoke stack and to the bottom of the ocean!!!!

  • AnimuX

    Godspeed Sea Shepherd!

  • romika3

    This is what eco-terrorism does.Read the second last sentence.

    The ABC reports that Friday’s edition of the Asahi newspaper says the annual hunt, described by Japan as research whaling, will go ahead later this year.
    A panel was set up to discuss the future of whaling after disruption of the hunt over the past few seasons by the militant Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
    There were also calls for spending cuts to pay for reconstruction in the north-east of Japan, which was devastated by the tsunami in March this year.
    A minority of the panel had recommended ending the programme, but the government has reportedly decided scrapping the hunt would be against Japan’s national interest because it would giving in to obstruction.
    Reports suggest the whaling budget may even be boosted by about $A27 million.

    • romika3

      I wonder why Ecorazzi has left this comment sitting on the sidelines for so long. It is a quote from ABC and communicates the truth about the whaling issues!!!!

  • Claire

    There were calls for funding cuts to rebuild the tsunami devasted areas, and yet they increased the ICR’s budget by $27 million. That makes sense. I’m pretty sure that $27 million (and the rest of the ICR’s budget) would be put to better use helping the Japanese people recover from the earthquake, tsunami, and typhoons. The government needs to stop being so stubborn, admit defeat, and get their priorities straight. They keep saying they won’t stop Antarctic whaling and give in to Sea Shepherd, but they don’t seem to realize that as long as they return to the Antarctic, Sea Shepherd will too.

    Also, don’t forget it’s now illegal for the NM to operate in the Southern Ocean because of the ban on heavy fuels/oil that came into effect earlier this year.

  • Bob

    “The Japanese do not want to give in to Sea Shepherd, they don’t want to bow to the threats and the obstruction they’ve seen on the high seas, they’re going to keep face and they’re going to ensure that whaling will survive,”

    That proves that all of the whales dying in the Southern Ocean are because of the actions of the Sea Shepherds.

    • brandon

      How on earth did you come to that conclusion? That’s one of those rare occasions where you just find yourself thinking “did he really think that made sense? Or is he joking?”

      • herwin

        Bob is a paid troll. He doesnt mean what he says, nor does he tries to make sense. Just trolling around, and at the end of the day getting paid for it. In a sense, by being such a dumb ass pro whaling poster, he is doing an excelent job for the anti whaling cause. Thanks Bob.
        Sad day though for the japanese people though, by having such an incompetent governement who refuses to join the 21th century and become more ecological minded and still acts like the bad boy regarding animal welfare and ecology.

      • Bob

        Hmm, the Japanese are sustainably using a renewable natural resource. Seems pretty ecologically sound to me. And their methods of killing are just as effective from an animal welfare point of view as the legal and well accepted methods used elsewhere in the world.

        You’re not making sense Herwin, you must be a paid troll.

      • herwin

        harpooned whales take up to more than half an hour to die. Half an hour and even more, can you imagine that !?
        Compare that to animals killed in the slaughterhouse.
        Methods of killing animals that take up to 30 minutes are so extreme, so uncomparable, and if happened in a slaughterhouse, they could face legal action for animal cruelty.
        From an animal welfare point of view (let alone an animal rights point of view) and from a legal point of view, this is animal torture.

        Makes no sense to you, at least thats what you have to pretend, but to ordinary people it makes sense.

        and no, i am not a troll but yes, if anyone would like to pay me for posting replies, please email me.:-P

      • Bob

        In modern whaling the instantaneous death rate is 80%, and the average time to death is about 2 minutes. So I repeat – their methods of killing are just as effective from an animal welfare point of view as the legal and well accepted methods used elsewhere in the world.

        Herwin, try arming yourself with some facts instead of emotions before you rush to judge people in another part of the world and how they feed themselves. And I didn’t hear anything about ordinary people appointing you to speak for them.

      • Bob

        And one of the main things that makes the time to death increase substantially is when the whalers have to contend with harassment from numbskulls like Sea Shepherd.

      • Kat

        @Bob – I’ll let herwin speak for me anytime! Go away troll!

      • Andrew Moss

        Hi brandon I agree its just astonishing how people think I’m lost for words and

      • herwin

        Hi Bob.

        “Herwin, try arming yourself with some facts”

        You are right, my facts were wrong, it doesnt take half an hour.
        according to this PRO WHALING website, it can take to ONE HOUR AND A HALF for whales to die.

        “How long does a whale take to die?
        According to the whaling nations’ data the average time to death is 2-3 minutes, although some whales have been reported as taking up to an hour and a half to die.”

        “instead of emotions before you rush to judge people in another part of the world and how they feed themselves.”

        no emotions Bob, just showing your arguments, like the welfare argument, are incorrect.
        Judging ? No i am not.
        Another part of the world ? :-P
        Maybe for cowboy Bob, but not for me.:-P

        cheers and keep it coming !

      • herwin

        Hi Bob,

        whaling is very cruel and your animal welfare argumeny is incorrect.

        from the same PRO whaling website :

        “Despite the power of the explosive harpoon, a rifle is often required as a secondary killing method used to ‘finish off’ whales that do not die instantaneously.”

        so, according to this pro whaling site, not “sometimes” but “often” whales are not killed by the explosive harpoon but have to be shot by a RIFFLE ???!!!
        Do you understand that if pigs and cows would be killed in similar slow and inaccurate fashion, this is highly ilegal and would also spark an outrcy ?

        No Bob, whaling is ilegal and very cruel and the international oposition against whaling is very juste.

      • Kevin

        Sorry, is this the same “pro-whaling” website that contains the sentence “The Whalewatch network has been working together for five years, lobbying governments and working within the International Whaling Commission (IWC) to put an end to the unnecessary and inhumane practice of whaling” in its description page?

        It seems that it is.

        I’ve been anti-whaling since the 1980’s but anti-sophistry for a lot longer.

    • romika3

      The real issue, as you pointed out is that most cultures will dig their heels in when an outside organization the SSCS attacks a people attempting to demonize them and to use the issue because of its media and money making potential.

    • Darryl

      Bob, whales are no more a “renewable natural resource” than your children. They are known to be a highly intelligent sentient species and to kill them is murder. That’s the point you are either missing or don’t care about. Fortunately for the whales, enough people beleive this to be true and will not stand by idly while the barbarism continues.

    • http://OnFacebook CHET LARSON

      Get your ostrich head out of the sand and face reality !!! It’s a bunch
      of mercenaries ILLEGALLY attacking sheltered whales for the almighty
      YEN and the populace have LEGITIMATE access to fish products that are
      NOT on the endangered list and are legal game !!!!

  • Chris

    I cannot see the logic of that comment Bob, almost as idiotic as Japans kneejerk response. These Whales are protected magnificent creatures in an ocean sanctuary. From one mariner to all Sea Sheperds safe and successful voyage and damnation to all rapists of our seas. Yours Aye CGH

  • Kevin

    Now THERE’s a real straw man argument, from Paul Watson. Japan announces it will beef up security for its fleet. Watson counters with a long diatribe about how he’s not sure Japan should be so quick to want to take human lives in defense of whaling. That, my friends, is a straw man, replacing “we want to hunt whales” with a false position “we will kill people in our defense of our whale hunt”, and then attacking that posture as if it were true.

    • http://OnFacebook CHET LARSON

      KEVIN ~ ~ You have been on the front line of the SSCS effort to see 1st hand what the efforts of SSCS is trying to accomplish !!!! WHALES ARE BEING SLAUGHTERED IN A SANCTUARY OF SAFETY
      for Good God Almighty !!!!! GET YOUR OSTRICH HEAD OUT OF THE SAND !!!!!

      • Kevin

        I’m sorry but I don’t know what you’re talking about, I haven’t been on said front line. You may not be privy to the previous discussions of what a straw man argument is, and if not you probably don’t have an understanding of my point.

        I am against the hunting of endangered species including whales. Note further that my pet ostrich is not even allowed to be near sand.

  • Ted

    “Are the Japanese people ready to take human lives…”

    Obviously, ALL Japanese people are horrific murdering monsters with whale-genocidal madness that makes every Japanese man, woman, and child a liability to the general health of ‘normal’ humans. A government’s actions don’t represent every person in a nation, and generalizations such as this are commonly known as a stereotype. If you want to shake the accusations of being racist, you need to stop using terminology that sounds like “you people”. If we are accountable for the actions of the governments of our countries simply because we are from that country, then Paul Watson himself, being a Canadian, is accountable for the annual seal slaughter, since the Canadian government supports the hunt. Of course, this is not true, but neither is such a generalization he makes about the Japanese people as a whole supporting whaling.

    The whaling issue is a neutral topic for me. I don’t condemn either party; I don’t partake in the activities of either group and therefore have no right to object to any of their actions as far as the whaling conflict. I am, however, 50% Japanese, and would appreciate it if Paul Watson would not execute character assassination on me without actually knowing me.

    Don’t worry – I promise that I’m not going to take any lives this week. Of course, since 50% of my genes are Japanese, I might take half a life somewhere, or take lives for 3.5 days out of the week, or maybe I’ve only halfway decided to take a life. Since it’s imprinted in my genes, I cannot escape it; one of these scenarios is inevitable. Evidently, I seem to have a dark half that has a penchant for stabbing whales in the head with a harpoon (half-heartedly, of course), and am willing to kill humans in order to exercise my blood addiction.

    Protest if you will – I will support your right to do so, but lose the generalizations and stereotypes. There’s no reason to attack people who don’t stand in your way.

    • Yoko Smith_Baby Whale

      @ Ted:
      The government of Japan was elected by the people of Japan and speaks and acts on their behalf.
      The stereotypes and generalisations are relevant and applicable.
      When the Japanese people demand that whaling ceases,or that their own citizens not be charged with stealing corruptly obtained whale meat as evidence,to expose said corruption your words may impact,Ted.
      Until then you are just another apologist and your genes have squat to do with it.
      It’s (whaling AND the corruption within the Japanese government and cult elitists,which sponsor this tortuous game) wrong and needs stopping now.It’s doing nothing to help the suffering in Japan and is a product of the Samurai majority.
      The very same elitists who torture in times of war,and never repented their actions.

      No one gives a rats whether you stand in the way of the protest or not.And being half Japanese gives you know bonus points.This is not the coastline of Japan.It is the Southern Ocean.As far from her territorial waters as can be.

      And your diatribe is, ……..(I Quote ) :
      “Don’t worry – I promise that I’m not going to take any lives this week. Of course, since 50% of my genes are Japanese, I might take half a life somewhere, or take lives for 3.5 days out of the week, or maybe I’ve only halfway decided to take a life. Since it’s imprinted in my genes, I cannot escape it; one of these scenarios is inevitable. Evidently, I seem to have a dark half that has a penchant for stabbing whales in the head with a harpoon (half-heartedly, of course), and am willing to kill humans in order to exercise my blood addiction.”

      …….in the end, a childish concoction of psycho-innuendoes.

    • Kat

      The Japanese population (or some of it) still EAT whale meat, or there wouldn’t be a hunt. The people of Japan are a proud people, but they need to tell their government that the end doesn’t justify the means. $65M for a hunt for less than 1000 whales (even less if SSCS succeeds again), equates to how much per ounce of meat? Which Japanese can afford that, in the wake of all their other natural disasters? Or is it Karma?

      • Samatha

        Good piont Kat, ok say if the Japanese Government spends 65 million dollars to catch whales in the Antartic this year, what is the price per kilo???

        Considering the impact of the SSCS into the formula and them having to place 35% on top of that (minimum to cover overheads).

        Just for arguement sake say the SSCS happens to be high effective and reduces the take down to one hundred whales this year.

        If each whale provides approx 1000 kilos then 65 million devide by 100 000 kilos equals $650.00 per kilo. Then add 35% on top of cost comes out to $877 per kilo. For me that is nearly two months supply of food. If I was given a choice either a kilo of whale meat or two months supply of food. the choice is not hard.

        Of coarse this is only relative on what ifs. However the final figures will come out at the end of the season, but by all appaerances it still will be very expensive meat.

        Very expensive for just the few old men who generally eat it. If the the old boys down at the local RSL where dining on kangaroo steaks at nearly $900 per kilo and expecting me to pay for it from my hard earned tax money, I would say you got to be joking, “Tell them their dreaming” quote from “The Castle”.

        But it appears that pride binds and if it cost a fortune then so be it, Japan will defend it and so will all the pro whaling trolls on this site.

        If anyone can give a true figure of whale meat per kilo taking into account all the money spent on bribes and buying island nations, all the defuncted and disused building constructed on these islands by the JFA to buy votes at IWC added into the cost, plus the interest on the 200 million dollars the owed by the ICR. If you are also brave enough to include the pilfering by employees of whale meat over the years. I would be very interested to know the true cost per kilo, however this is probly a Japanese State Scecret.

    • Omar Todd

      Incidentally Paul was disgusted with Canada’s stance on Seal Hunting so much he got a US passport. Still he’s out there, making his views as loud as they can be made, not like people that meekly accept their government’s policies until suddenly it’s nationalism gone wild. Enuff said.

  • herwin

    “Japan’s confirmation that they will resume their whaling program is an insult to all of the anti-whaling nations that so generously contributed to the relief of the tsunami and earthquake victims,”

    wow, thats a very disturbing argument. I myself also have donated to the victims of Japan, and i dont feel “insulted” by the Japanese, only by Watson who tries to muddle two diferent things.
    I wonder if Watson himself has donated privately to the Japanese victims, if not, the more gross is his attitude.
    And for anyone who has doubts, i am ANTI WHALING and have stood many times in front of the Japanese embassy, just stick to the right arguments, dont abuse another tragic event.

    I react to this post because just like the Shark add of Peta, victims are abused in the name of protecting animals (Tsunami victims and victims of shark attacks). Thats not compassion, thats just hatefull and revengeful, and only hurts the cause for veganism and animal rights.

    • Doug

      The attacks on Paul Watson posted here are totally missing the point. Whaling in the southern Ocean is illegal full stop. That is all that matters, they are breaking the law plain and simple. The fact that the Japanese government would take funds that could be spent housing and feeding their people in order to protect an illegal enterprise is appalling.
      If whales are a renewable resource why are they on the endangered species list? Why do the Japanese need to take a 1000 whales annually for their “research”? and where are the results of this research and how has it in anyway bettered our understanding of whales? This is a food fishery, no different from cod or salmon. Ask a fisherman what depleting stocks by over fishing has done to their lives? Take a look at what the fining of sharks has done to the balance of life in the sea of Cortez. Both issues have had profound effects on the ocean and on those who make a living from it.
      This is not about whether you side with the whalers or not it’s about whether you want to planet to survive or not, it’s that serious. Stopping whaling is only one step towards saving ourselves.
      From honesty comes honor, if the Japanese people pride themselves on their honor than they need to be honest and call whaling what it is. A needless slaughter of an amazing animal.

    • Kat

      OK. I take it back. I don’t want him speaking for me. I’ll speak for myself.

    • brandon

      So you think 27 million dollars is better spent trying to kill whales as a luxury food then giving people jobs and repairing their homes? Hmmmmmmm, yeah that’s cool. I don’t consider different things because the Japanese gov. chose to invest their funds there, they chose to throw 27 million dollars on luxury items instead of relief, that’s the bottom line.

      • Kevin

        Well, I am anti-whaling too, but you can certainly say the program gives people jobs… unfortunately it gives people jobs hunting an endangered species. But aside from that your argument seems to be something akin to the lines of “The US Gov’t should cease all NASA spending every time there is a major natural disaster in the country”.

        Watson’s argument overall fails in its assumption that government spending is a zero-sum game. Japan is in debt to the tune of 198% of its GDP, so clearly the $27M is a drop in that bucket and has absolutely zero impact on its ability to fund disaster relief.

      • Joseph DeMartino Jr.

        @Kevin But why spend it at all? one drop is still a drop that could be spent somwhere else.

      • Kevin

        Let me be more clear. If the Japanese want to spend $27M on “something else”, they can simply borrow an additional $27M and make their current national debt $9,133,027,000,000 instead of $9,133,000,000,000. It is not a zero sum game – each additional $27M isn’t being taken from something else, it is merely being added to their debt. Spending this on whaling doesn’t mean not doing something else. If a country is willing to add to its debt during crisis years, this zero-sum argument has no merit.

  • Don

    How much money will the Japanese government be willing to pump into whaling? Thanks to the valiant efforts of the Sea Shepherds, Japanese whaling is becoming a subsidized face-saving operation, rather than a profitable enterprise. The way to end whaling is too turn Japanese public opinion against it.

  • Eric

    Bob Stop killing whales!! If die the whales so do the oceans. It’s all about balance. Which your vision is lacking.

  • Marjie

    What a negative person you are Bob. How about keeping your opinions to yourself. Attacking Sea Shepherd with your comments Isn”t helping anyone. Are you willing to die for a cause. Doubt it. So don’t attack ocean defenders as we are 100% behind them. Good luck and God Bless You Sea Shepherd. If only we could show the Japanese government , stopping whaling and killing dolphins isn’t a defeat but a success for these majestic creatures and humanity.

  • stephen

    The time for whining about ‘having your feelings hurt’ or ‘being offended’ is long, long past. This is the time to wake up. This stage of greed and selfishness is ending. Awaken now…please

  • Billy Angus

    Stop killing our whales or get eaten up
    by Godzilla and Rodan!!!

  • laras

    It seems they re killing whale not only for research…

  • Chris

    Are these idiots for real??? Shut these whaling a#@holes down already!! Bob, you must be as stupid as you appear to type! Do the world a favor, it is called hari kari. You and the rest of them!!!

  • Rat King

    hey Japan,
    the pitcher goes often to the well – until it shall break! you got it???

  • AnimuX

    The fact is, this issue did not begin with sea-hippies throwing stink bombs at whalers on television. In the 20th century, the world’s commercial whaling nations drove nearly every species of large whale to the brink of extinction.

    Japan has been one of the world’s worst offenders. Historically, Japan’s whaling industry has violated size limits, species protections, seasonal limits, sanctuary boundaries, all manner of quotas, and even facilitated “pirate whaling” (that’s front companies in foreign countries killing whales secretly and illegally and smuggling the unreported meat to Japan).

    The so-called “tradition” of whaling was only limited to a small number of isolated villages in Japan until the rise of its first modern whaling company which used Norwegian whaling techniques and technology (even actual Norwegian whalers). In fact, in some parts of Japan whales were “worshiped” and never eaten – something the whaling lobby fails to tell the public in Japan.

    Jun Morikawa, author of “Whaling in Japan”, explains that whale meat was only a substitute meat during the post WWII recovery. As soon as Japanese families could afford other meats they stopped buying whale even when it was cheaper. Today, only a tiny fraction of the Japanese population actually eats whale meat. In an effort to bolster support for the dying industry, the government distributes whale in compulsory school lunches to children who might otherwise never know the taste of whale meat (so much for tradition). The industry continues to receive government funding and support due to entrenched bureaucrats (amakudari) who often take high paid jobs in the commercial whaling industry they once oversaw as public officials.

    Japan annually kills:
    Endangered Fin whales
    Endangered Sei whales
    Vulnerable Sperm whales
    Bryde’s whales (population uncertain)
    Common Minke whales (many from the vulnerable J-stock)
    Antarctic Minke whales (some IUCN data shows this species is also in decline)

    Not to mention up to 20,000 dolphins and rare beaked whales…

    Japan has used its influence as a world economic power in order to coerce poor nations into voting for its interests in the IWC and has spread a great deal of propaganda such as the lie that whales are eating too many fish. Japan also acts as the world market for endangered whale meat be importing endangered Fin whale from Iceland.

    In 1986 the International Whaling Commission established a moratorium on all commercial whaling. In 1994 the IWC also established the waters of Antarctica to be a whale sanctuary. The commission has called upon Japan to stop killing whales in multiple resolutions. However, Japan’s government continues to exploit a loophole by claiming its whaling industry is conducting scientific research. Australia has filed against Japan with the International Court of Justice as a result.

    Thankfully, Sea Shepherd has stepped in where governments have failed to uphold their own agreements. In the last Antarctic whaling season, Japan was held to a mere 5th of its self-issued quota of whales as a result of interference from SSCS activists. Taking great personal risks they bravely continue to intervene against this destructive, cruel and unnecessary industry.

  • romika3

    There are numerous articles out there, including an admission by the Japanese that the reason why they are continuing whaling is that they don’w want to be told what to do by a group of terrorists. It is a manner of pride. Watson’s methods will, in the long run, prolong whaling in the Southern Ocean.But then, if you study the SSCS organization closely you will soon learn that it is all about Watson, media, and money making. I have stated many times over that this organization is not a conservation organization and that it has done more damage than good to the conservation movement!!!!

    • AnimuX

      Japan tried that excuse before. In the late 1980s when “research whaling” began Japan “claimed” it was because the US backed out of a deal to fish in US waters. Japan would drop its objection to the moratorium and cease whaling in exchange for the USA holding off on economic sanctions that would deny US waters to Japanese fishermen.

      Of course, Japan’s representatives often forget to mention their “research whaling” started BEFORE Reagan’s sanctions – That Japan killed 273 whales for “research” from Jan-Mar, 1988 when Reagan enacted sanctions in April, 1988 and the SCOTUS upheld a ban of Japanese gillnet fishing in June 1988 (not to mention the trouble with Japanese ILLEGAL fishing in US waters those days)…

      But you can sure find quotes from Japanese representatives claiming whaling continued because the US broke a deal… :-P

    • Omar Todd

      What a moronic argument. By that statement we should allow dictators and tyrants to remain in power because the short term cost is too high, or we may make them stronger in the long run etc etc. How about morality? Or should we remain a barbaric species, evolving technology to the point we turn it on ourselves. (We’re doing that already!) Nice one, let’s sit around and sing carols while the earth is cleaned out and our biodiversity is ruined and we have to adapt really quickly to eating sand because that’s all we’ll have left.
      All these remarks against conservation, Paul Watson etc are arguments dying with the old times, but sure keep it up if it makes you better or you’re paid too.

  • Rm

    More ships=more fuel. Block the fuel ship ( again ) and they must go home.Job done. See u later japs.

  • Rm

    More ships=more fuel. Block the fuel ship ( again ) and they must go home.Job done. See u later japs.

  • Rm

    I propose a UN vote, take this to the United nations and blow this literally out of the water once and for all.

    Then it will end.

    • Kevin

      Why will the UN vote any differently than the IWC?

      • AnimuX

        In 1972 the UN Environment Conference held a unanimous vote (52-0) calling for a moratorium on all commercial whaling.

        The pro-whaling members of the IWC have repeatedly blocked attempts to move responsibility for whaling to the UN…

        Whaling nations might be forced to adhere to the decisions of the UN but they willfully subvert and defy the IWC without penalty.

      • Kevin

        I agree that the UN would vote to end commercial whaling, same as the IWC did.

        However, to get to a successful vote, they would probably have to include clauses such as Article VIII of the IWC Convention. If they don’t have text like this in, they wouldn’t get the votes to pass it.

        Article VIII

        1. Notwithstanding anything contained in this Convention any Contracting Government may grant to any of its nationals a special permit authorizing that national to kill, take and treat whales for purposes of scientific research subject to such restrictions as to number and subject to such other conditions as the Contracting Government thinks fit, and the killing, taking, and treating of whales in accordance with the provisions of this Article shall be exempt from the operation of this Convention. Each Contracting Government shall report at once to the Commission all such authorizations which it has granted. Each Contracting Government may at any time revoke any such special permit which it has granted.

        2. Any whales taken under these special permits shall so far as practicable be processed and the proceeds shall be dealt with in accordance with directions issued by the Government by which the permit was granted.

        And then people would say Japan was flouting the law and criticize them for selling whale meat.

  • craig in brick, nj usa

    the sea shepherds are real heroes. anyone who spouts drivel against them is knowingly fostering an evil enterprise. here is the crux of japan’s scientific research:

    “hey, did whale #997 fry up in the pan and taste any different than whales #1-996? no? it tasted the same???? looks like we gotta keep doing the research!”

    in all seriousness, sea shepherd is the good. japan is the evil. time must now be taken to challenge whaling in the japanese public square.

    to the sea shepherds: god speed!!!!